About Venchito

Venchito Tampon is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, a digital marketing company in the Philippines that focuses on search engine optimization and content marketing. He is a life coach, productivity enthusiast, and a leadership trainer.

Radio and TV Appearances



Career Development

Tired of pursuing a career without passion in it? Let me help you understand your purpose in life, transition passion into profit and be happy helping others while earning money.

Youth Entrepreneurship

I’ve started a business from scratch at age 21– no relationships and low initial capital. Using effective marketing strategies and a powerful leadership style, I grow our client base quickly from two to twenty and employees from two to ten in four months.


Seven members of our team have actively contributed to 80% of the company’s success. Instead of barking them with instructions, we’ve implemented principles that lead, motivate and get them to take exemplary actions that provide value to business over time.

Digital Marketing

Wanted to take one step higher in your career? Let me teach you practical tips and new trends in digital marketing. So whether you are a high-level manager, marketing officer or a marketing student, you will definitely benefit from my talk.

Blogging and Social Media

Blogging and social media are effective tools to market a business or build a personal brand. Whichever goal you’re aiming at, let me teach you the basic etiquettes, tools and strategies on how to effectively use blogging and social media.

Motivational / Inspirational

Looking down at yourself because you’re too young? Hear my story and be inspired on how God turned my life upside down – from a selfish kid to a young entrepreneur that inspires thousands of people throughout the country.

"Venchito is a next gen entrepreneur and speaker who proves that millennials have the highest potential to change our country. His talks motivate young people to be more focused and purposeful to reach their maximum potential. And just like him, to turn their life around from a zero to a hero."

Jayson Lo | Author of Younique | Corporate Trainer


"Venchito is simply awesome. In tagalog, 'pasimpleng mabangis'. He is a young man who can wear ordinary mask but can perform extra ordinary impact."

Marlon Molmisa | Top Youth Speaker | Author of "Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka"


Why Choose Venchito Tampon As Your Filipino Motivational Speaker?


He started his business from scratch and grew it today with 18 full-time employees under his management. A Filipino motivational speaker with an entrepreneurial background that can challenge your audience to love and care about your company.

Content-driven Talks

He is one of the Filipino motivational speakers who can deliver a value-added experience to his audience. Practical information, tips, and strategies that your audience can takeaway that aims to hit your event's objectives. Content-based on facts and personal experiences are what makes this motivational speaker's content valuable to his audience.


An inspiring motivational speaker in the Philippines is someone who can engage his audience well. Using simple and short activities, Venchito can help you laugh while learning a lot.


Venchito sincerely loves his community. With over 45,000 raving fans on Facebook who daily gets valuable insights and advice about career development, personality development, and success tips, he manages to answer daily questions thrown at him without expecting nothing in return.

Happy Clients

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