About Venchito

Venchito Tampon is the Marketing Director and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, an internet marketing company in Manila Philippines that focuses on search engine optimization and content marketing.

He is an accredited facilitator of YOUnique DISC Personality Development program by Jayson Lo, and a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner by GENOS International.

Venchito is one of the main speakers of Mzone Training, led by Marlon Molmisa.

Radio and TV Appearances



International Speaker

Venchito spoke at global conferences. He represented the Philippines in the recent Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore. It is a global conference with 40 countries represented including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, China & Thailand. With over 600 attendees from famous brands such as Airbnb, Microsoft, Zalora, Shopee, Booking.com and Klook.


Sales Rally: Kickoff or Opening

Fire up your agents and leaders! Give them the necessary tools that they need to stay inspired throughout the season. This customized topic is applicable for professionals in real estate, insurance, and multi-level marketing industries.

Winning Attitudes

Attitude is more important than skills. That is why you need to have your team members develop their attitude every day. Goals, no matter how high it is, are achievable if everyone has winning attitudes for success.

Work-Life Integration

Having difficult times balancing your work and life? Is work-life balance the real thing? In my motivational speaking engagement on this topic, I'll be sharing why work-life harmony or integration is better than work-life balance. And explain the reasons why there isn't a work-life balance after all?


We all know that "leadership is influence." But how true is that in real life? How can you influence your people without bossing them around? Learn the practical ways to develop your leadership skills in this seminar topic.

Practical Money Management

Personal finance is 80% behavioral and 20% knowledge. This is the reason why Filipinos aren't saving and investing enough money for their future. Given that money management is behavioral in nature. Learn practical steps to get out of debt, save money and invest for the future in this seminar topic!

Personal Leadership and Excellence

Winners in every field have common factors that made them successful in life. In this seminar topic, I'll be teaching you the right mindset and attitudes at work. This program can help you lead yourself better. And be more excellent in what you are doing professionally.

Career Development

Pursue a career path that intersects your passion (what you love to do) and your mastery (what you are best at). Let me help you understand how to discover it and how to grow from your "passionmastery".


Ninety percent of startup business people fail in their first five years of operation. Why is that so? Are there any differences with what they do with the other 10% businesses that succeed? Find out how you can grow and make your business remarkable.


Seven members of our team have actively contributed to 80% of the company’s success. Instead of barking them with instructions, we’ve implemented principles that lead, and motivate people. We get them to take excellent actions that provide value to the business.

Digital Marketing for Businesses

Whether your company is in the real estate, insurance or retail industry, I'll be customizing a speaking engagement that is right for your audience. Learn strategies and tips on how to market your products or services online.

Personal Change

We all know that we can only change what we can control. In this seminar topic, learn how to innovate yourself that sets you up for success. What are the changes you have to make and be comfortable as you grow in your professional and personal life?

Values Education

If you want to change the culture of an organization, you start with values. Not until people understand what they need to value as a person or professional, they won't be able to behave aligning to the company values. Learn value formation in this seminar topic.

"Venchito is a next gen entrepreneur and speaker who proves that millennials have the highest potential to change our country. His talks motivate young people to be more focused and purposeful to reach their maximum potential. And just like him, to turn their life around from a zero to a hero."

Jayson Lo | Author of Younique | Corporate Trainer


"Venchito is simply awesome. In tagalog, 'pasimpleng mabangis'. He is a young man who can wear ordinary mask but can perform extra ordinary impact."

Marlon Molmisa | Top Youth Speaker | Author of "Ang Mahalaga Bumangon Ka"


Why Choose Venchito Tampon As Your Filipino Motivational Speaker?


He started his business from scratch and grew it today with 18 full-time employees under his management. A Filipino motivational speaker with an entrepreneurial background that can challenge your audience to love and care about your company.

Content-driven Talks

He is one of the Filipino motivational speakers who can deliver a value-added experience to his audience. Practical information, tips, and strategies that your audience can takeaway that aims to hit your event's objectives. Content-based on facts and personal experiences are what makes this motivational speaker's content valuable to his audience.


An inspiring motivational speaker in the Philippines is someone who can engage his audience well. Using simple and short activities, Venchito can help you laugh while learning a lot.


Venchito sincerely loves his community. With over 56,000 raving fans on Facebook who daily gets valuable insights and advice about career development. Other topics include personality development, and success tips. Venchito manages to answer daily questions thrown at him without expecting nothing in return.

Happy Clients

Affiliate Summit
Sands Expo
SM Hypermarket
Career Executive Service Board
National Book Store
Manila Bulletin
The Herma Group Of Companies
Bria Homes
Petrotrade PH
Communication Foundation For Asia
AS White Global
Greenfield Development Corporation
Scott Park Group
CSM - Church Strengthening Ministry
Every Nation Campus
DLSU Manila
Ateneo de Manila
DLSU Araneta
702 DZAS
My Light Radio
Junior Achievement Marketing Society
University of Sto. Tomas
St. Scholastica College
FEU Manila
Centro Escolar University
Aquinas University of Legazpi
UP Diliman
Colegio San Juan De Letran
Holy Child Academy Faculty
PUP Sta. Mesa
Chiang Kai Shek
PUP Taguig
180 Marketing Corporation
SEO Hacker
The University of Manila
Mapua University
PUP San Pedro
University of Perpetual Help
Philippine Normal University
Sacred Heart College Lucena
Mount Carmel College Baler
NCBA Taytay
San Beda College Alabang
Quezon City Polytechnic University
Olivarez College
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Camarines Norte State College
Baliwag Polytechnic College
Philippine Christian University
North Star Meat

How to Choose Your Best Motivational Speaker?

This list is for you if you are one of the event organizers – a student or an HR staff who is tasked to onboard a good motivational speaker for your event.

To put the best motivational speaker on stage, you want a high-quality training or speaking for your audience. Here are some tips on how to choose your best motivational speaker.

Start with recommendations from your networks

It's easy to dive into Google and search for "Filipino motivational speaker", check one website. Then book a speaker for your event. However, there is a danger with such kind of rash search. You only have a surface level understanding about your speaker from the given text on his website.

A better approach is to ask your colleagues and your networks if they know experts on the topic. If doing a research online is the last option, make sure you dig a little deeper into their background and expertise so you can find the best motivational speaker.

Get someone who walks the talk

Successful motivational and keynote speakers are ones who have faced both triumphs and trials, and have able to walk in every area of life. They made their way to the top. A Filipino motivational speaker you should be looking for is someone who can tell a unique personal life experience with depth and substance.

There are speakers and trainers who are good at personal branding online - fluffy descriptions and false backgrounds to their profile, but yet aren't realy competent in the topic of your seminar.

Look for a motivational speaker who performs well

There is one way to find out if a speaker can perform well in your event. Look at their years of experience in the speaking industry.

See their list of talks and clients served in their speaking career. Was he able to deliver speeches to top companies and schools? This would help you assess if they are new in the scene or has been delivering value to thousands of audience for years.

A good motivational speaker isn't just good at cracking funny jokes, they should at most, be able to educate your audience with real-life lessons and case study supported by their industry experience.

Choose a motivational speaker with similar shared values

The best Filipino motivational speakers are not only competent in their fields and are able to speak well in public, but they should also be morally upright and have high ethical standards. Do some research when you are looking for a motivational speaker.

That person should have similar set of values with your company or organization. It could be very dangerous if you get one who is uenthical in doing business off the stage. This can be also be threatening to your audience if they hear a talk from an untrustworthy speaker.

Be specific in what you are looking for

There are many good Asian motivational speakers in the Philippines. However, each one of them has a set of speech topics they could deliver at a high quality rate. If you are an organizer, always look for three things in a motivational speaker.

First is their education. This could be both formal and informal education. Is he an accredited professional in top industry organizations? Is he a certififed facilitator of a top-notch training program?

The other two things you need to consider are expertise and experience. How long has he been practicing his knowledge in the industry? Is the Filipino motivational speaker able to deliver a customized talk for your audience?

Get a training or talk outline if possible

Getting the best motivational speaker for your event is an investment. That is why you have to ensure you'll get your money's worth from the speaking engagement. Its impact may not be immediate, but should be of lasting value in terms of educating your audience.

The motivational speaker should be able to provide at least an outline of his talk or training to you or to your team or organizers. This will help you get a preview of what his talk will be about.

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