At the age of 21, Venchito Tampon pioneered SharpRocket, a premiere digital marketing company in the Philippines that caters to local and international companies – from small to medium sized businesses to Fortune 500s. The office is currently based in Ortigas and his highly skilled team is composed of 18 members.

His advocacy of youth entrepreneurship led him to become one of the most sought-after youth business and digital marketing speakers in the country. This nationwide campaign helped every youth and young professional in several organizations, schools, and companies to find their purpose in life and identify their true passion and transition these two vital things into a profitable business.

He is a Certified Younique Facilitator personally mentored by the top corporate trainer, Mr. Jayson Lo. Younique is a Philippine context DISC Personality Development Program offered to schools and companies to help working professionals and students discover their uniqueness.

Venchito desires to help others reach their fullest potential. Now a motivational speaker and consultant to companies and organizations, he aims to teach people how to fully maximize their best asset – people.

Other things you should know about Venchito:

  • Core Speaker at Mzone Training – a training company for schools and companies.
  • Vice President for Marketing at Elevaxion, Inc. – a Christian non-profit organization for servant leaders and speakers.
  • Former Officer at SEO Org Philippines – one of the largest internet marketing non-profit organizations in the country.
  • Life mentor at Youth on the Rock Organization – a socio-civic organization that helps the youth unleash their hidden potentials and become leaders of this generation.

You can follow Venchito on Twitter and Facebook.


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