The interest in online employment among Filipinos is increasing dramatically. Obviously, with good reasons. Who wouldn’t want more independence and flexibility in their daily schedule? Not to mention numerous possibilities for earning far more than you need! And all that from the comfort of your home. It’s finally not important who you know, but what you know and can do.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

We’re not talking solely about earning some extra cash on the Internet. It’s rather about making your living online and building a stable virtual career in a massively growing industry. You wonder which one it is? A bit more patience, please. You’re about to find out the greatest secret of online workers who are well ahead of the game.

Take a peek at these genius insights into becoming a prosperous and satisfied online employee.

Love What You Do

You can make money online in various ways. For instance, you can work as a virtual assistant, copywriter, web developer, CSR, administrative support, marketer, graphic designer and the like. The opportunities are numerous, so everyone can find what suits their needs and interests best.

That is important because you can’t remain committed to your work if you’re disengaged. But how could you get engaged with the job you don’t like or get bored with? Don’t let the money be your only motivator. You won’t be able to achieve the business goals and fulfil your company needs.

Instead, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, find a lucrative niche you’re interested in and hone the necessary skills to perfection. That’s the only right direction.

Followed the link above? Then, you have the idea which one that is for sure. If you think it’s eCommerce, you’re right! The rise of this industry is undeniable. Cost saving and convenience for buyers are what primarily drives its massive growth. That’s the well-kept secret of leading online workers.

Keep Up-to-Date with the Latest Industry Changes

Once you’ve identified the most impressively growing industry and chosen your field of interest within it, it’s vital to remain updated. Why? Because all industries are evolving rapidly nowadays. The tools you have to use when working online are changing and developing in the blink of an eye.

In one of the Forrester’s reports about eCommerce forecast for 2017 to 2022, it is stated that:

Cross-border shopping will make up 20% of eCommerce in 2022, with sales of $627 billion. Asia Pacific, driven by China, will become the largest eCommerce cross-border region for both imports and exports.

You see? Not only eCommerce is the future, but it’s already our present!

Thus, strive to stay on the learning path constantly if you want to be competitive. It’s impossible to become affluent if you’re not highly skilled for the job, right?

So, be proactive! Always gain new knowledge and certifications to stay ahead of the curve. Your employer will appreciate that.

Develop Your Technical Skills

Haven’t we mentioned that constant learning is the key to success? You don’t have to be a Jack-of-all-trades who speaks perfect English, knows a lot about SEO, graphic design, marketing, or programming. Just show initiative to learn and grow. Every legitimate employer will reward your effort.

Basic technical skills of an average online worker include:

  • using the Internet,
  • using a word processing program (e.g. MS Word or Google Docs) to create and edit documents,
  • using spreadsheets (e.g. MS Excel or Google Spreadsheets) to keep various records,
  • sending emails,
  • downloading and uploading documents, and the like.

Mind you – your aim is to be exceptional, not average! So, invest in your knowledge today to become competitive! Choose an effective self-paced online training.

Master Your Communication Skills

When it comes to communication, keep it clear and straightforward. Be a careful and active listener who asks specific questions. That’s how you’ll get targeted information you need to complete your tasks.

For instance, imagine you’ve encountered a problem you’re supposed to discuss with your teammates to find a solution. Don’t just say ‘Hey! Here’s the problem! What should I do?’ Instead, offer a possible solution in advance and ask for their opinions and suggestions.

Also, provide detailed but concise instructions. Use active verbs and a step-by-step approach when assigning a task to a co-worker to avoid misunderstandings. For example, don’t phrase the instructions like this:

Blog article on popular shoes with nice photos and relevant links needed by Friday.

Instead, give the following less generic guidelines, such as:

Hi (team member’s name),

Please, write a blog article about the most popular high-heeled shoes this season for (no longer than 900 words).

Deadline: Friday, August 25, 2017, 10 a.m.

The aim of this task is to …. (explain what you would like them to achieve with this work)

1) Please include a link to their most popular product page in the first part.

2) Include no more than X outbound links.

3) Also, include at least 3 high-quality product photos (dimensions AxB).You can ask [team member] to help you find them.

Thank you,
(Your name)

Isn’t it more precise?

So, keep your messages and emails brief to avoid confusion. Getting right to the point will show you respect other people’s precious time.

Strengthen Your Soft Skills

Besides the professional skills required for the job, you shouldn’t neglect your soft skills as well. It means you’re supposed to develop your emotional intelligence. That’s how you’ll learn to:

  • handle work pressure,
  • cooperate with others,
  • be an active listener,
  • communicate properly,
  • connect with people,
  • empathise with them,
  • be open to feedback, and much more.

It’s also useful to learn how to deal with difficult colleagues.

Maximise Your Productivity

It’s impossible to reach maximum productivity when you’re not focused on what you’re doing. Stronger focus increases productivity. As simple as that. Thus, plan your steps, manage your time, and remove any distractions while you’re working. That’s the only way to boost your productivity.

Keep Track of Your Performance

Define reasonable specific professional goals and deliver on them. Keep track of your performance on a daily or weekly basis. It will help you stay on the right path and head towards achieving your goals.

If you’re not satisfied with your performance, find the ways to improve it. Also, don’t sit and wait for the feedback, ask for it.

Demonstrate an Exceptional Work Ethic

No matter whether you’re working on a major or minor task, always do your best. Handle all your tasks with particular attention to details and the same enthusiasm and responsibility. Anyway, being devoted and hard-working are typical Filipino traits. So, you won’t find achieving it difficult, right?

Someone unreliable who often misses deadlines can’t expect a raise or promotion. Similarly, your excellent performance will be recognised and rewarded.

Thus, hone new skills, be within reach, stay loyal and self-motivated. Jump in and offer help when you see a colleague struggling with a task. Even if you’re not asked to. Get the job done on time and inspire others around you to grow. That’s an online employee who can count on long-term engagement, high rates and success.

Always Stay Professional

Wins and losses are part of everyday business. Filipinos are sensitive and take everything too personally. That’s why you should learn how to take constructive negative feedback from your boss or co-workers seriously but not too personally. Use it to figure out how you can improve. It’s vital to learn how to manage your emotions and stay professional.

Create a Good Working Environment

Remove any distractions from your working environment and get some peace and quiet. You certainly wouldn’t take your children, family or pets to the office, right? Your office is now at home, so make sure the kids are playing in another room or outside while you’re working. Talk to your friends and family so that they know when they mustn’t interrupt you unless the house is on fire.

Also, turn off the TV and your mobile phone. Don’t get lost and start surfing the Internet for pleasure, reading newspapers or playing games during your working hours. A serious online employee would never do that!

Comfortable chair and adequate lighting go without saying.

Take Special Care of Your Equipment

The equipment you use in your day-to-day work MUST meet at least some minimum requirements. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform your duties smoothly. Make sure your computer works properly, and secure a stable Internet connection. Also, come up with a backup plan if something goes wrong. That’s how you’ll show your employer you’re serious about the work.

Be Wise with Your Earnings

When you start earning more than you used to, you will be tempted to spend more too. You’ll want to make some big or unnecessary purchases, buy expensive presents for your friends and family, or organise big parties as most Filipinos would.

You think that’s how you’ll show the people how much you love and appreciate them, right? Besides, shopping and parties relieve stress, and you work a lot now and are under intense pressure. So, why wouldn’t you relax a bit and enjoy your life? Be careful not to fall into that trap!

Plan your budget before you get old and realise all your big money’s gone with the wind. Open a savings account, get insured, and think about your retirement now. Also, invest in your education because it will bring you an even higher salary.

Adopt the Right Attitude

It’s all about the right approach to work. Do you believe your home-based online employment is less important and serious than a regular office job? If you do, that’s an obstacle to success.

Don’t get working in your tracksuit or pyjamas from your room deceive you! Your virtual job requires as much dedication and effort as all the other jobs. Thus, treating it as a genuine employment is the only right attitude.

That’s why you should learn how to be an effective and valuable remote employee. All these guidelines rely on nothing more than common business sense. Stick to them and your online career is bound to thrive. Keep in mind that building a successful online career takes discipline, dedication and persistence.