What is Culture Building?

Culture building is the process of shaping and cultivating an organization's shared values.

It involves creating a positive, healthy, and inclusive culture that reflects the organization's and its members' identity and purpose. Culture building fosters inclusive growth, belongingness, collaboration, and innovation among employees, managers, and executives.

Culture Building Speaker Philippines: Why Do You Need It For Your Organization?

There are several benefits your organization can gain when hiring a culture building speaker in the Philippines. If you need more convincing, here are those reasons:

Address Diversity and Inclusion

In today’s diverse workforce, creating an inclusive culture is crucial because of differences in culture and generational gaps. A culture speaker in the Philippines can provide strategies, advice, and insights to develop a culture that embraces diversity and promotes equity so that employees feel respected, valued, and included.

Foster Innovation and Adaptability

When there is a healthy culture, you can expect innovation and creativity to show up from employees as they increase work performance. An effective culture building speaker in the Philippines can provide your employees with tools and strategies to promote a growth mindset that drives organizational growth and success.

Create a Shared Understanding

Harmony and teamwork are by-products of a healthy work culture. Through this, employees create a shared understanding and values. And therefore, the culture helps the organization gains a cumulative advantage in results for individual and organizational success.

Strengthen Leadership

An effective Filipino motivational speaker can provide tools and insights for your organization's leaders to level up their leadership skills. This plays a vital role in shaping the organizational culture. Managers and executives can become great models for their team members through expert advice and guidance on leadership behaviors.

Culture Building Speaker Philippines: An Entrepreneur Who Did It Best

It is easy to spot any motivational speaker who speaks on culture building. But you must do your due diligence to find your organization's best culture building speaker. Finding one is not easy, but this can ensure you invest your resources properly for your people.

GoNegosyo Mentor

Venchito actively contributes to GoNegosyo, a dynamic advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-profit organization that champions a transformative change in mindset and attitude towards entrepreneurship. GoNegosyo firmly believes that entrepreneurship, with its defining characteristics of optimism, passion, creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, diligence, and perseverance, can be a powerful tool to combat poverty in the Philippines. The organization encourages individuals to harness their resources and abilities and transform them into viable enterprises.

Among GoNegosyo’s impactful programs is 3M On Wheels, a nationwide mentorship initiative that empowers entrepreneurs. Serving as a mobile mentoring platform, 3M On Wheels provides on-site mentorship encounters across the country, free of charge, to build the capacities of aspiring entrepreneurs. Venchito actively participates in this program, generously sharing his knowledge and expertise to support and guide aspiring entrepreneurs on their path to success.

gonegosyo mentor

Serial Entrepreneur

Venchito’s exceptional marketing skills and profound expertise have garnered him widespread recognition from diverse media channels, as evidenced by his frequent contributions to discussions on digital marketing across various platforms. As a highly respected speaker, he has delivered compelling presentations at international conferences, national industry events, Philippine government seminars, and exclusive in-house training sessions for renowned corporations in the country.

Venchito’s extensive knowledge and remarkable skills in the field have firmly established him as a sought-after authority in marketing circles, earning him a well-deserved reputation for his unparalleled expertise.

sharprocket team
store view

Venchito’s unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and astute leadership have driven the growth and success of two thriving companies he co-founded and guided. One of these companies, SharpRocket Digital Marketing, has earned a stellar reputation as one of Asia’s premier digital marketing firms. Through their highly effective campaigns, they have empowered numerous small and medium-sized businesses and renowned clients such as Shopify, Eatigo, Vivo, and Credible to achieve their growth objectives with remarkable results.

In addition to his digital marketing accomplishments, Venchito has left his mark in the culinary industry as a Co-founder and Director of Hills & Valleys Cafe. This premium cafe in Bulacan is renowned for its unparalleled customer service and signature drinks, most notably the beloved Frosted Hills™. This unique beverage has become a customer favorite and has played a significant role in the cafe’s success, further adding to Venchito’s diverse portfolio of achievements.

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When is it time to get a culture building speaker in the Philippines?

Several situations help you assess the need to hire a culture building speaker for your organization. Here are some of the indicators that it may be time to bring a corporate speaker:

Low Employee Morale

When there is a decline in employee morale, motivation and engagement of employees with the company must be paid attention to. A culture building speaker in the Philippines can inspire and guide your managers and employees toward a more positive, healthy, and inclusive culture.

Lack of Clarity on Organizational Values

Vision, mission, and core values are not good statements just posted on the wall of your office. These things should be factored into the daily work lives of your employees. If you think there is a need for better application of your VMC, get a culture building speaker in the Philippines to facilitate discussion and establish your organization's core values, reinforcing your employees’ DNA.

Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

If you want inclusivity in diversity, you need culture building. Find a culture building speaker with expertise in this area to promote an inclusive culture in your organization. This can help facilitate healthy discussions on shaping your organization's culture through interactive workshop activities.

Need for Culture Transformation

It is an excellent time to reassess your organizational culture if your organization recently experienced significant changes such as acquisitions, mergers, or restructuring. Hire a culture building speaker to help your organization guide its new teams towards culture chances and smooth their transitions that align with the new direction.

What to Look for When Hiring a Culture Building Speaker in the Philippines?

Qualify your culture building speaker in the Philippines before hiring one. Here are vital factors to ensure you only select the most qualified and effective speaker that meets the needs of your organization:

Expertise in Organizational Culture

The Filipino public speaker you should look for must be knowledgeable and adept at culture building themes and subject matter. The person needs to have a business and leadership background creating and shaping culture among his employees or subordinates - as proof of credibility.

Positive and Inclusive Approach

Look for culture building speaker in the Philippines who promotes an inclusive approach to culture building. By being experienced in consulting with different organizations and training across various industries, the speaker must address these sensitive topics of diversity, inclusivity, and equity with complete respect.

Interactive and Engaging Style

Find a culture building speaker who employs interactive activities in his workshops and training programs. This can help your employees engage properly and learn better and further from the corporate training program. With different learning styles, an effective corporate speaker can accommodate these to serve your audience. 

Testimonials and References

Ask for references and sample videos from previous talks and clients to ensure you get the right culture building speaker. Assess his effectiveness, style, content, and context, and see if it suits your current situation and organizational needs.

Culture Building Speaker Philippines FAQs

Culture building speakers can discuss topics in their area, including leadership, emotional intelligence, personality development, and success.

He can also tap into related topics like business, leadership, success, sales, motivation, stress management, time management, supervisory training, and productivity.

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