What is Customer Service Training Philippines?

Customer service training in the Philippines is a corporate training program to enhance customer experience by giving knowledge, strategies, and tips to better interact with customers.

This type of training is designed for front-line employees like customer service representatives to develop the skills and knowledge they need to provide high-quality service to their customers.

Generally, customer service training includes demanding handling difficult customers, effective communication, and customer retention.

With the customer training of Venchito Tampon entitled, “Customer Obsession: The Value Human Touch in Customer Experience,” your participants will learn how to create a positive and memorable customer experience, leading to customer satisfaction and a powerful reputation for the brand.

Customer Service Training Philippines: Why Do You Need It For Your Organization?

Customer service training in the Philippines is essential for any organization that values their customer or clients. Here are some reasons you need this type of training for your organization.

Build a great customer experience

Excellent customer obsession starts with a great customer experience. When customers feel their needs are met and their feelings are touched, they are more likely to become repeat customers and can refer other potential clients, like friends and families, to your business.

Boost employee morale

You cannot share what you don't have. You cannot share what you don't have. They can only inspire customers better if they have high morale. With customer service training in the Philippines, this is a top priority.

Improves your brand reputation

Any organization has a brand reputation. It is only a matter of whether it is positive or not. A genuinely positive customer experience can lead to an excellent reputation for your business. Through customer service training in the Philippines, you’ll see your employees gain the necessary positive self-esteem to bring it out in the marketplace.

Enhances communication skills

Great customer obsession is also a matter of effective communication. Communication knows the verbal and non-verbal cues of your customers. Doing so can create a rapport and a powerful opportunity to solve their needs with your products or services.

Customer Service Training Philippines: An Entrepreneur Who Did It Best

You can find any customer service experts on social media. But be diligent in finding the right corporate speaker for your event. Make sure hiring a Filipino customer service consultant is worth your investment.

GoNegosyo Mentor

Venchito actively contributes to GoNegosyo, advocacy of the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE), a non-profit organization dedicated to changing mindsets and attitudes toward entrepreneurship. GoNegosyo firmly believes that entrepreneurship, characterized by optimism, passion, creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, diligence, and perseverance, can help fight poverty in the Philippines. The organization encourages individuals to leverage their resources and abilities to create viable businesses.

An effective program under GoNegosyo is 3M On Wheels, a nationwide initiative that provides mentorship to empower entrepreneurs. As a mobile mentoring platform, 3M On Wheels offers free on-site mentorship sessions across the country to enhance the skills of aspiring entrepreneurs. Venchito actively participates in this program, generously sharing his expertise to support and guide entrepreneurs on their path to success.

gonegosyo mentor

Serial Entrepreneur

Venchito’s marketing proficiency and expertise have earned him recognition from various media outlets. He frequently participates in discussions on digital marketing across multiple platforms, demonstrating his profound knowledge. Venchito is also a highly respected speaker, delivering captivating presentations at international conferences and national industry events.

Furthermore, he has conducted in-house training sessions for reputable corporations in the Philippines and seminars for the Philippine government. Thanks to his extensive knowledge and remarkable skills, Venchito has established himself as an authority in marketing circles and is highly sought after for his unparalleled expertise.

sharprocket team
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Venchito’s entrepreneurial spirit and exceptional leadership have contributed to the success of two companies he co-founded and led. Among these is SharpRocket Digital Marketing, which has gained recognition as a leading digital marketing agency in Asia. Their highly effective campaigns have helped many small and medium-sized businesses and well-known clients like Shopify, Eatigo, Vivo, and Credible achieve remarkable results.

In addition to his digital marketing achievements, Venchito has left a mark in the culinary industry as a Co-founder and Director of Hills & Valleys Cafe. This top-tier cafe in Bulacan is renowned for its unmatched customer service and signature drink, the beloved Frosted Hills™. The drink has become a customer favorite and played a significant role in the cafe’s success, adding to Venchito’s diverse range of accomplishments.

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When is it time to hire a customer service training speaker in the Philippines?

In many situations, you need excellent customer service. So, if you’re thinking of the right timing, here are some exact moments when you need to get a corporate speaker for your organization: 

Declining customer experience

When you see people not getting the desired experience, it’s time to invest in a customer experience training. You should never allow dissatisfaction among your customers. Make it your goal to improve your people’s customer service skills continually. This is an excellent reason to get a Filipino corporate trainer to help you. 

Negative online reviews

Negative reviews are by-products of a poor customer experience. Find a customer service training speaker who can help you address common issues your customer service representatives face. Through this, you can ensure you will maintain high standards in your business operations and create a solid name for your business.

Poor communication skills

If your front liners struggle to communicate effectively with your customers, it’s time to hire a customer service training expert to help them understand the best practices for customer obsession. Without this type of training, there will be misunderstandings, and lost sales and revenue will occur.

Lack of knowledge about customer service best practices

You have to keep upgrading your people’s soft and hard skills. They must learn to upgrade with the latest customer service best practices. Missing out on this won’t give your business new revenue opportunities. It’s time to delight customers and increase customer retention and repetition. 

What to Look for When Hiring a Customer Service Training in the Philippines?

When hiring a customer experience training speaker in the Philippines, here are some considerations you can take to see if the trainer you’re hiring is a good fit for your needs:

Experience and expertise

Find a Filipino corporate trainer with a proven track record of delivering effective customer service training programs in the Philippines. In addition, one must have an intensive experience in business, so much so that he grows his company to the next level of success through powerful high-touch customer experience. 

Practical tools and techniques

A compelling speaker of customer service training in the Philippines should give your audience practical tools and strategies your employees can apply daily. The customer service training must include topics on communication skills, addressing complaints, and ways to handle demanding customers.

Positive feedback from previous clients

Ask for samples of training programs from your prospective speaker. Request any credentials so you can see how they deliver an engaging and effective training program that can positively impact your customer service. Check for online reviews and request any brands they’ve worked with before.


A great speaker of customer service training in the Philippines knows how to customize their program to meet the business's specific needs. It involves tailoring the content and case studies to your industry, customer base, and business unit's objectives.

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