Venchito is a Filipino youth entrepreneurship speaker that has helped develop potentials of many young professionals to start their own businesses at a young age.

At age 21, Venchito became the CEO and Co-founder of SharpRocket, one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the Philippines. This gave him the credibility to teach youth entrepreneurship to corporate groups of as small as ten people to a thousand crowd.

Statistics say that nine out of 10 startup businesses fail. The odds of succeeding in the business world especially for competitive industries like technology and digital verticals are very low.

However, this can be counteracted by having both a speaker and a mentor who can teach you the following basic areas in entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship 101):

  • Understanding the Purpose of Entrepreneurship – identifying your “why” so you could face the hardest challenges when starting to grow a business
  • Passion to Profit – how to generate income by pursuing your passion
  • Creating Business Processes – this helps you scale your businesses and have a smooth flow of operation
  • From Survival to Sustainability – how to manage your business cashflow and grow profits over time
  • Team Management and Leadership – how to lead a team regardless of size by knowing what characteristics you need in order to become a great leader
  • Productivity – how not to waste your time in business and become more effective on a day-to-day basis

This four-hour workshop is designed to help both the youth and young professionals create their own businesses from scratch.

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