Entrepreneurship in the Philippines

According to the Philippine Statistica Authority, the country’s economy grew by 6.5% in the second quarter of 2021 despite the pandemic.

This speaks volumes to the entrepreneurial spirit of Filipinos to go back to business, start innovating and thrive during these challenging times.

Entrepreneurship in the Philippines is about more than just building businesses through crises. It is also about trends-spotting and creating opportunities amidst the problems and challenges we face as countrymen. Moreover, positively impacting the community and society makes a Filipino entrepreneur worth following and getting inspiration from.

Venchito Tampon is a serial entrepreneur and has positively impacted the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and established business people to pursue the next level of significance, not just success.

Learn from his inspiring stories, engaging content, and emerging opportunities he can share with your business or organization.

Filipino Speaker On Entrepreneurship: Why Do You Need to Hire One For Your Organization?

Hiring a Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship brings many benefits to your organization. Here are some primary reasons to hire a corporate speaker sharing his expertise with your team:

Access to Local and International Market Insights

Filipino entrepreneurship speakers can deliver insights into the current local market context, including Filipinos' consumer behavior, culture, and buying patterns. This knowledge is invaluable in helping create new products or services, positioning your offers, and marketing them to your target audience.

Knowledge of the Business Environment

With first-hand experience handling businesses, an entrepreneurship speaker in the Philippines can bring his simplified complexities of doing business, giving your team and your organization timeless principles to start and run businesses successfully. You need an outside perspective to keep you ahead in your industry in the ever-changing market demands.

Innovative Ideas

Filipino entrepreneurs are innovators. They know how to draw from their experiences, look at business data, analyze, and develop better solutions for market problems. A speaker on entrepreneurship can help your organization adapt to consumer needs and evolve as new products and services arise in your niche.

Mentoring and Coaching

A Filipino inspirational speaker can provide mentorship and coaching opportunities to your leaders and staff, giving them new tools and strategies to level up their entrepreneurial skills and mindset. A corporate speaker with a deep business background can help your organization build a culture of innovation and agility. 

Filipino Speaker On Entrepreneurship Who Did It Best

You’ll find a bunch of “business gurus” and influencers who suddenly become business mentors without any prior experience running a business.

It takes diligence for you as an event organizer to ensure you only hire the right Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship who can share valuable insights and information with your employees.

Serial Entrepreneur

Venchito is widely recognized for his marketing expertise, as demonstrated by his frequent appearances in mainstream media discussions on digital marketing topics. He has become a highly sought-after speaker, having presented at international conferences, national industry events, Philippine government seminars, and in-house training programs for some of the largest corporations in the country.

sharprocket team
store view

Venchito plays multiple roles in driving the growth and success of two thriving companies he co-founded and directed.

One of these companies, SharpRocket Digital Marketing, has established itself as a leading digital marketing firm in Asia. Their highly effective digital marketing campaigns have helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses and corporations achieve their growth objectives, including notable clients like Shopify, Eatigo, Vivo, and Credible.

Venchito also co-founded and served as Director of Hills & Valleys Cafe, a premium cafe located in Bulacan. The cafe is renowned for its exceptional customer service and signature drinks, including the popular Frosted Hills™, which has quickly become a customer favorite and contributed significantly to its success.

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When is it time to get a Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship in the Philippines?

Specific business situations can tell you if it’s time to get a Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship. Here are some of those situations when it is beneficial to hire an entrepreneur-speaker:

Expanding Your Business in the Philippines

If you’re a pool of entrepreneurs wanting to expand your business here in the county, you need a Filipino entrepreneur who can speak about new opportunities in the market, effective marketing strategies, and how to leverage existing networks to scale a business. These are nuggets of wisdom you can listen to from an entrepreneur-speaker.

Building a Culture of Entrepreneurship

If you’re a business organization and looking to develop the next future entrepreneurs, you need a speaker who can provide the proper mentoring and coaching to your leaders, executives, and staff. By helping to teach the correct values about entrepreneurship, you can expect a strong team of business leaders in the Philippines.

Entering the Philippine Market

Foreign companies are facing challenges when trying to enter the Philippines market. Knowing the local business culture and context is needed to ensure a successful venture of the Philippine counterpart of Foreign brands. This requires a Filipino speaker on an entrepreneur to provide invaluable insights and help navigate these complexities.

Seeking Funding or Investment

Identifying potential investors and developing a compelling pitch are two significant initiatives for starting a business here in the Philippines. You need an experienced entrepreneur to craft a corporate training program that suits your needs as a group of entrepreneurs. It should be based on expertise and expertise of running a business.

What to Look for When Hiring a Filipino Speaker On Entrepreneurship

Many fly-by-night motivational speakers speak on entrepreneurship who don’t have any business at all to start with. So be diligent in hiring the right corporate speaker for your event who possess all of these factors of a successful entrepreneur.

Expertise and Experience

Look for an inspiring speaker who profoundly understands the Philippines business landscape and has extensive experience in starting and growing businesses. Check their background, and see their credentials, education, and proven track record of success. They should have built sustainable businesses, not just a collector of funds from investors.

Communication Skills

Find a Filipino entrepreneur with excellent communication skills. He may have a solid credibility, but finding someone who can convey and simplify complex ideas and concepts enough for your audience is crucial. A great communicator can distinguish between an engaging and inspiring speech from a boring one-hour talk.

Passion and Energy

Entrepreneurship requires passion and energy. Look for a speaker on entrepreneurship who can inspire your audience. Energy must flow through his presentation. Check his past speaking engagements published online to see how he delivers talks in the corporate setting. 

Customization and Flexibility

Every business setting requires a different approach to corporate speaking. Find an inspiring speaker who can customize their presentation to meet audiences' specific needs and interests. He should be flexible enough to adapt to the context of your organization and convey relevant messages based on your audience’s needs and desires.

Filipino Speaker On Entrepreneurship FAQs

A Filipino speaker on entrepreneurship can cover a wide range of topics that are not only limited to business. He can also speak about social media, digital marketing, sales, stress management, leadership, team building, innovation, and emotional intelligence.

Entrepreneurship speakers can speak at different events, including business conferences, franchisee gatherings, industry seminars, corporate training sessions, entrepreneurial forums, and educational workshops. 

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