What is Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is a belief that one’s abilities and intelligence can be developed and improved over time with effort, focus, and commitment.

Popularized by Carol Dweck in his book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, the growth mindset has become a movement for most personal development coaches, consultants, and trainers, helping individuals and organizations achieve greater success and significance in life.

People with a growth mindset tend to have a more positive attitude towards personal development and have a high chance of persevering in the face of trials and obstacles.

This is vital to your organization in helping your employees succeed in the marketplace and in their personal lives. Learn more about cultivating a growth mindset when hiring a corporate speaker. Contact us to get a free quote today.

Growth Mindset Speaker Philippines: Why Do You Need It to Develop Your Employees?

Whether you want to achieve your sales quota, grow your people, or reach your next level of business growth, here are more reasons why you need to hire a growth mindset speaker for your team:

Cultivate a Positive Attitude

All great success comes with a great attitude. If you want your team to embrace challenges as they seek growth opportunities, a Filipino motivational speaker can help your employees be more resilient, adaptable, and inspired to take on new challenges in life.

Boost Productivity and Performance

When your employees develop a growth mindset, it positively affects their initiative, creativity, teamwork, and coming up with innovative solutions to problems. They become problem-solvers in your organization, leading to better results and work performance. This can lead to better collaboration and unprecedented business growth. 

Enhance Leadership Skills

In a growth mindset, people know how to navigate change and uncertainty, significantly after Covid-19 has impacted our work and personal lives. By hiring a growth mindset speaker in the Philippines, you can cultivate a leadership culture where people can enhance their leadership skills driving the business moving forward.

Drive Business Growth

Businesses that can adapt and innovate are more likely to thrive in today’s fast-pacing environment. By hiring a corporate trainer to speak about a growth mindset, you invest in the professional development of your employees, which is a significant contributor to the success of your business.

Growth Mindset Speaker Philippines: An Entrepreneur Who Did It Best

It is easy to search for a growth mindset speaker and hire anyone you see on search results. But you’ve got to be diligent in checking the credentials, expertise, and experience of the corporate speaker before investing any money.

Find a growth mindset speaker in the Philippines who understands the Filipino context to address your audience with relevant information and perspective on growth mindset.

Serial Entrepreneur

Venchito’s extensive marketing expertise is widely recognized, demonstrated by his frequent appearances in mainstream media discussions on digital marketing. He is a highly sought-after speaker, having presented at numerous international conferences, national industry events, Philippine government seminars, and in-house training programs for some of the largest corporations in the country.

sharprocket team
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Venchito is a driving force behind the growth and success of two thriving companies he co-founded and directed.SharpRocket Digital Marketing, one of Asia’s top digital marketing firms, has earned a reputation as one of Asia’s leading digital marketing firms. SharpRocket has helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses achieve their growth objectives through highly effective digital marketing campaigns. Clients include Shopify, Eatigo, Vivo, and Credible.

Venchito is also a co-founder and Director of Hills & Valleys Cafe, a premium establishment located in Bulacan. The cafe is renowned for its exceptional customer service and signature drinks, including the immensely popular Frosted Hills™. This beverage has become a customer favorite and has played a significant role in the cafe’s success.

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When is it time to get a growth mindset speaker in the Philippines?

When hiring a growth mindset speaker, there are signs you need to consider if it’s the right timing to get a corporate speaker to share information and experience with your employees.

Here are some things to consider to see if there’s a need to get a Filipino growth mindset speaker:

Decline in Performance

When you see your organization or teams struggling to perform at the highest level, consider a growth mindset speaker. This can help your team be better equipped to handle challenges in the workplace and, more so, generate new work results that lead to better work performance. 

Feeling Demotivated

They are stuck in a rut. They need to be inspired to go to the next level of growth. They can’t embrace new challenges and opportunities. Hire a growth mindset speaker in Manila to inspire and engage your employees. 

Introducing New Technology or Processes

Innovation comes with intentionality. When there are new technology or processes, your employees must adapt to the latest environment to be more efficient and effective at work. Without a growth mindset, they can’t seek new opportunities from these technological advancements.

Cultivate a Culture of Learning and Development

Culture is built on habits. So if you want your organization to create a learning culture, let your Filipino growth mindset trainer provide you with tools and strategies to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to unleash your fullest potential.

What to Look for When Hiring a Growth Mindset Speaker in the Philippines?

You’ll invest your money and attention in hiring a corporate speaker. Make it worth your while by considering all these factors.


As someone who speaks about a growth mindset, the corporate speaker you should be looking for must adapt to the style and needs of your organization. He must be good enough to address the challenges of your employees by crafting a message and style that fits them.

Client References

Ask for client feedback and testimonials from past speaking engagements. Find a growth mindset speaker in the Philippines with a successful track record of engaging his audience well enough that they apply the learnings in their organization. Make it count by seeing social proof.

Relevant Experience and Expertise

Growth mindset corporate training programs require experience and expertise. Don’t hire a 21-year-old life coach who doesn’t have experience in overcoming challenges in life. Though not to say young speakers don’t have credibility, they haven’t been through life's most demanding challenges. A growth mindset speaker must be experienced and an expert in his industry or field.

Positive Attitude

A Filipino growth mindset speaker should embody the principles of a growth mindset. As you discuss details of your event with him, he must proactively show this positive attitude. Optimistic and believing in the potential of growth for any individual and organization.

Growth Mindset Speaker Philippines FAQs

A growth mindset speaker speaks on stages of seminars and conferences in different organizations about developing a growth mindset culture. Sharing strategies, tools, and experiences on how to adopt a growth mindset is critical for any organization to succeed in today’s fast pacing environment.

Though the topic is leaning towards overcoming challenges and fostering innovation, a growth mindset trainer can speak on growth-related issues. 

A growth mindset speaker can speak on leadership, stress management, innovation, business, emotional intelligence, motivation, and personality development.

Develop a growth mindset and achieve your visions.

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