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It may seem obvious, but this starts a changed life. If you always think like how the crowd thinks, chances are you will get results like what the crowd gets.

So if you want to see better results next in your professional and personal life, start changing the way you think — and not only changing it but making sure you upgrade your thinking. 

Changed thinking is not automatic. It doesn’t happen overnight. You have to be consistent in thinking creatively, positively, widely.. It’s not that easy, but it is doable. You can change the way you think. 

Changed thinking is difficult. But its pay off is worthy of your investment. 

Because once you upgrade your thinking, you’re gonna experience a change in your potentials (unleashing your potentials), and a change in your performance whether you’re working, doing personal stuff, or investing time in your hobbies. 

So let me give you 5 things to consider in changing the way you think. 

Upgrade the size of your thinking

Change the size of your thinking. 

Do not remain small next year. Make your thinking bigger than this year’s thinking. Don’t think small of yourself, small of your capabilities, small of your contributions.

Have what we call, “big picture thinking”. Go beyond your limits today. Increase the size of your thinking by expanding your knowledge to other skills, other industries, by learning from mentors, and coaches. By reading books.

Listen intentionally when other people give you lessons. Do not downsize your thinking. You can expand the size of your thinking. 

Are you thinking about a bigger picture or thinking small of yourself, of your experiences, and of your world? Upgrade the size of your thinking.

Upgrade the scope of your thinking

The reason why you need to upgrade the scope of your thinking is to have clarity. A clear mind helps you focus on things that matter in your life. The reason why most people don’t have clear goals in life is because of their cluttered thinking.

Their mind is full of distractions, excuses — that won’t really help them get to where they want to be.

To upgrade your thinking, you don’t allow your mind to wander on things that are just distractions. If you could limit your time screen on phones, your entertainment time, in order for you to do the things you said you will do, that’s a good way to upgrade your thinking.

Is there clarity in the way you think? Are you focused or just distracted? Upgrade the scope of your thinking. 

Upgrade the strategy of your thinking 

We need both efforts and strategy to excel and go to the next level of what we are doing right now.

The strategy makes you efficient and effective at work. The strategy makes you a smart professional — that you’re not just working hard, but you have a strategy to work smart.

The way to upgrade your strategy is to ask yourself this question every day,

“How can make this better?”

If you are always thinking about how you can level up every day, you have to be thinking of making this better — whether that is making your work better, your output better, how you develop relationships — you’re assessing yourself if you are upgrading your strategy.

The strategy must be upgraded from time to time. So upgrade the strategy of your thinking.

Upgrade to selfless thinking.

Think not just about things. Think about other people as well. When you change the way you think, you’re not just thinking about yourself, you’re also thinking about other people.

You now become selfless, and not just selfish. 

The question you constantly have to think is, “how can make my life impact other people?”

That is a question of significance – to bringing value to the marketplace, to this world.

The more you become selfless in the way you think, the more impact you can make today, and next year. 

So upgrade to selfless thinking.

Upgrade to shared thinking

No man is an island. This is very true as well with how you think.

Upgrade from solo thinking to shared thinking.

When you share your thoughts, your ideas, your content, your suggestions, you increase the capacity of your thinking – thus, upgrading it.

When you share, it’s like giving water to thirsty people. Then you fill your cup again, then share again.

The more you share, the more you realize you’re reaching your fullest potential, you are growing step by step, move by move. 

So are there any ideas, insights, and wisdom you can share with others?


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