Are you stressed right now? Is there such a thing as a stress-free life?

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how to deal with stress.

Every one of us faces some kind of stress every single day. In fact, dealing with the stressors of life only proves that we are still living.

And so when we talk about stress management, it is basically the ability to manage demands and abilities.

Demands meaning your work schedules, time with your family, your personal (or me) time to improve yourself, handling your finances, dealing with difficult people.

While your abilities focused on you – your attitude, your disposition – how are you able to cope up with the demands

So in order to manage stress, we need to have the ability to cope up with the demands of life.

There are two kinds of stress. Eustress (positive stress) and destress (negative stress).

If your demands are higher or greater than your abilities, you experience distress – negative stress.

But if your abilities are higher or greater than your demands – meaning you cope up with your demands, this gives you eustress or positive stress.

What you and I want to accomplish is positive stress. That is to have abilities to be able to cope with the demands of life.

Let me give you tips on how you can deal with stress.

Decide wisely with tradeoffs

Stress management involves decision making. The reason why some people get so many demands is that they allow it to come to our lives. They say yes to every commitment or schedule.

You and I need to develop the ability to say no. This is very difficult in the world of distractions and overcommitments. But if you want to lessen your demands, you have to say no.

And saying no would require you to accept the consequences of another decision.

For example, you’ve got to have a meeting with your boss. While suddenly you face a dilemma – an urgent issue with a family member. Saying no to your boss has its consequences. Because the next morning, you may be reprimanded by your boss or perhaps have to work longer hours to finish your pending tasks.

This is what you call tradeoffs. Whenever you say yes to one thing – which gives you the benefit, you’re saying “no” to another thing – which has its own consequence.

Elevate your emotional quotient

EQ is your ability to manage your emotions. Part of emotional management is being aware of your emotional triggers.

When you have too many demands to handle, knowing what stresses you emotionally is important. These are some of the questions you can ask yourself:

  • Where is this negative emotion originated?
  • How can you turn this negative emotion into positive emotion?
  • How can I respond better to the situation, rather than just react to it?
  • What are my emotional triggers?

Asking yourself these questions help you to elevate your EQ on a daily basis.

Actively prepare

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That means you start your routines right at the beginning of the day so you can make sure your heart, mind, soul, body, and spirit are aligned and mature.

Because maturity brings more abilities. A mature mind brings more wisdom. A mature body brings more strength. A mature spirit brings more power. A mature soul brings more peace.

What are the things that you are preparing now for the future?

Actively prepare. Prepare now. Prepare today. Prepare for the future.

Live rightly

There are stress factors that are caused by the wrong decisions in life. And these wrong decisions turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes or regrets.

So it’s very important that we go back to the foundation of living for us, not to experience more regrets, especially if we’ve been through the same situation before.

Living rightly you have to know your core values. What do you really believe in? Because if you have your core values, you can set principles in life that will be the basis of your living.

Do you have principles to live by? What are your core values? When a situation comes that tests your character, what do you do? To live rightly, you need to have your own set of values.

Mine would be faith, integrity, excellence. How about you?

Because if you don’t have one, you would be making a lot more mistakes which cause more negatives to stress in your life.


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