What you believe is what you behave, and that’s what you become in the process.

Overcoming limiting beliefs sets you up to becoming truly successful. 

I’ll give you 3 tips to overcome your limiting beliefs using this ABC method. 


To be aware of beliefs that limit you. 

In our post on limiting beliefs, we’ve covered the 3 types of limiting beliefs. 

First is your beliefs about the world — this refers to how you see your environment, the industry of your career — as simple as your external views.

The second type is your limiting beliefs about others, your rejections, your past experiences, and disappointments dealing with other people.

And lastly your limiting beliefs about yourself — your intimidations, how you see your age, background, and status as hindrances towards achieving your goals.

You have to know your limiting beliefs — whether that’s limiting beliefs about the world, others, or yourself.

You can write them down on a piece of paper. By having it on paper, you can gain clarity and awareness of what limits your personal growth. 


To bridge means to go from where you are right now to where you want to go.

It is having the right destination and direction.

If you want to overcome your limiting beliefs, you have to cross the bridge. You can’t live your life knowing you have those limiting beliefs.

So what do you do now, is to replace these limiting beliefs with liberating truths. 

To bridge from limiting beliefs to liberating truths.

To do this, remember what you wrote on paper. You can add another column to that and label it as your liberating truths.

Ask yourself this question, what is the truth to replace this limiting belief? 

If you wrote, “I’m too young to start a business, I don’t have a wide experience.”

The liberating truth is, “Yes, I’m young to start a new venture. I do have the creativity, resources, and enough time to get enough experiences.”

Now, you do that to every limiting belief. Find the truth. And replace what you currently believe in with the truth. 

To replace your limiting beliefs, you have to know the liberating truths. 


Now that you are aware of your limiting beliefs, and have replaced them with liberating truths.

It’s time to change.

The only way to overcome limiting beliefs is to start changing yourself.

What do you have to change?

First is your intentions.

Your motives. If you truly have to replace limiting beliefs with liberating truths, your motives have to change. What you value as a person. 

The next thing you have to change is your actions.

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So start changing your actions. Change your habits. Change your lifestyle. Change the way you speak to other people, the way you communicate your thoughts, your messages. Change the way you work, the way you produce output.

Change. You have to change your actions.

And lastly is a change in your reflection.

Now, you’re not thinking of any limiting beliefs. But you start gravitating towards the truth that you believe in. Things that are noble, on purpose, of pure value. 

Change your intention, change your action, change your reflection. 


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