Hundreds, even thousands of articles, books and videos have been published about leadership through offline and online channels. But there are only a few that talks about performance-based leadership – a leadership system that produces results.

Perhaps, the reason why you’re on this page is you’re looking for a leadership training course or even a speaker for a leadership training course in your organization.

Your people in the junior, mid-level, senior and executive ranks needs to level up their team’s performance through a solid leadership skills training program.

In essence, you don’t just need a leadership speaker in the Philippines to motivate your team. If that’s so, you can just let them watch Youtube videos because there are hundreds of motivational talks online.

But they need someone who can deliver a leadership development to help them identify their teams’ dysfunctions. Even more develop their individual strengths to complement each other and deliver a high-quality performance – or output that is more than expected by the company.

Basic Leadership Training Philippines: What You Should Be Looking For?

1. Context

Leadership training in America and Europe is different from leadership training here in the Philippines. We have a different work culture, set of work values that we certainly value and organizational types.

You should be looking for a basic leadership training program that has a local context. Not all international leadership approaches can be applied here.

However, there are some that can work effectively especially if it caters to a particular workforce – supervisor and managers.

2. Customize

There’s no one size fits all basic leadership training program here in the Philippines. Every company differs from other organizations regarding demographics of the workforce, work culture and organizational needs to improve its staff’s leadership skills.

The needs of an organization, for example, should be relevant to the company’s current situation to be able to address any corporate issues.

Thus, you need a leadership speaker who can create a customized leadership seminar that suits your organizational needs.

Depending on who you want to develop in your organization, whether they are your project managers or sales managers, we’ll customize the program for them.

3. Credibility

Anyone can speak about leadership. As they say, everyone is a leader.

But it’s not just about theories that will allow your audience to grasp the essence of leadership, the speaker of your event should have a corporate experience.

He or she should be able to provide practical examples:

  • people handling skills
  • supply chain
  • information security
  • train the trainers program
  • influencing skills training
  • management skills
  • talent development
  • thinking training,
  • strategic thinking
  • change management
  • organizational development
  • operational excellence
  • risk management
  • management training and development
  • business process improvement

A credible leadership and keynote speaker is someone who owns a business or leads an organization.

And not just another so-called filipino motivational speaker who does motivational speaking with no corporate background and personal experiences on business.

There are many gurus in digital marketing (internet marketing) who cares more about their personal branding than bringing value to their audiences on stage. They brand themsevels as professional speakers, even if they are not.

Basic Leadership Training Programs by Venchito Tampon

Here are some of the leadership programs Venchito Tampon, a corporate trainer based in Manila, Philippines offers to every organization.

Millennials On the Move

Based on the recent statistics, Generation Y accounts for over 1.7 billion people, representing the 25.5 percent of the world’s population. Millennials, the Generation Z will make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025.

That’s the reason why Venchito Tampon, a millennial guru, and corporate trainer designed a leadership development training in the Philippines to help engage the young workforce in every corporation.

The Millennials On the Move is an engaging, motivational and practical leadership skills training program in the Philippines.

This program’s objective is to address the common issues faced by middle and upper management team members in handling and coaching their millennial subordinates and employees.


four dysfunctions of a team

The Four Dysfunctions of a Team

Developed by Patrick Lencioni, the Five Dysfunctions of a Team has become the world’s most definite source on practical tips and information on building great times.

The book can impact different organization of different styles, sizes, and types – composed of nonprofit organizations, churches, and corporations.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team program outlines the causes of politics and dysfunctions on the teams and strategies on how to overcome them.

It requires intensive efforts as well as a functional and cohesive approach to counter attack any of these team’s dysfunctions.

From Me To We: Creating a Culture of Engagement, Alignment, and Loyalty

As defined by Kevin Kruse, a New York Times Best Selling Author and Inc 500 entrepreneur, employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.

From Me to We is a leadership training program based on Kenexa’s research on over 10 million workers in 150 countries about the three keys to driving engagement: growth and development, recognition and appreciation.

Packed with personal engagement profiles and action plans to execute employee engagement on a regular basis, this leadership training program can certainly elevate your team’s performance.

employee engagement book

In-house Leadership Training Philippines

Are you looking for a customized inhouse training schedule for your organization? Look no further, Venchito can create a well-crafted in-house leadership program for your executives, managers, supervisors and upcoming leaders (entry-level staff). What makes our program more attractive is we have a process from knowing your organizational needs to executing the program right in your office.

Our Inhouse Leadership Training Process

Initial Data Gathering

Our first initiative as your partner is to gather the initial set of information. That includes the following:

  • your date and venue for the seminar or workshop
  • your objectives of creating the event
  • your audience profile (their demographics – age, gender, etc..)

This first phase allows us to craft a proposal that suits your needs as an organization.


Once we have the data in place, we move forward to creating the proposal.

Our proposal includes your initial information, our training outline (including session titles and their sub points which will be emphasized further during the execution of the program, and our professional fee for the entire seminar.

Client Meeting

We allow one week for the proposal to be reviewed by the person in-charge of the event.

Take note that we do follow-ups if we haven’t received a message from your team.

We usually receive responses from the in-charge person whether to proceed or not to the proposal.

As such, we schedule a 30-minute to 1-hour meeting with them to discuss our proposal.

The agenda of the meeting is for your team to understand our approach in management training.

What we require of you concerning equipment, our requests (table for books, etc..) and ultimately how our skills training program can help achieve your objectives (in-detail).

Program Execution

Depending on the time duration of the program (1 hour, 2 hours, half-day, whole-day), we request an upfront payment of 50% to book Venchito, our corporate speaker (recommended by Jayson Lo, an Asian Motivational Speaker on personal development).

Block his schedule for a specific day and time.

During the execution program, we provide handouts (if it’s a whole-day seminar) and materials to enhance the learning of the participants.

It also allows them to review sections of the program even if the program has ended already.

At the end of the leadership training Philippines program, we encourage your team to give us feedback and suggestions (normally been given after the event or days after – depending on your work vacancy).

Please note if you will demand certificates signed by our party or it will be your team who will provide certifications for the participants.

Currently, there is no public seminar schedule for anyone who is looking for public seminars to gain hands-on training in leadership and managing people.

Why Do You Need to Invest In Our Basic Leadership Training Philippines Program?


Leadership generates results for your team and your organization. It’s not just a theory that your participants can learn and after some time, forget about the lessons.

Our leadership skills training program is actionable, timely and relevant to your audience. It delivers results beyond your walls in the office, and lessons can be applied even in their respective families.

Given that benefit, our leadership training program in the Philippines can help navigate your organization towards positive change that will bring positive results in whatever key performance indicator you’re looking at.

Proven and Tested

Our leadership training program is handcrafted to maximize its effectiveness in bringing results for your team. Proven and tested principles can only be learned in every session which if applies, can impact your team leaders’ subordinates positively.

There are other leadership skills training, management development program and management training seminars in the Philippines designed by corporate trainers themselves that aren’t backed up with data and research. Thurs, it’s not a guarantee of quality of the program.


As we want to cater this basic leadership training program to every organization and company, we offer it at an affordable price other corporate trainers won’t dare to give you..

For half-day and whole day sessions, we even provide discounts to make it suitable for your company’s budget.

So whether you are a start-up, a growing business or an established corporation, partnering with us to provide the best quality of leadership training program for your leaders is no-doubt ROI-positive.

Interested in any of the leadership programs above? Or you want to have a customized leadership training program for your team? Contact us below to get started.