Motivational speakers are in high demand in the Philippines, as people seek inspiration and guidance to achieve their personal and professional goals. 

From business leaders to sports stars, there is no shortage of individuals who have taken the stage to share their stories and motivate others. 

This article will compile a list of some of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the Philippines. 

Whether you are looking to overcome personal challenges or take your career to the next level, these speakers can provide the tools and inspiration you need to succeed. 

1. Francis Kong

Francis Kong, a recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Filipino (TOFIL) Award, is one of the most highly regarded business speakers in the Philippines. He has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of business as a columnist, with his column at the Philippine Star winning Best Business Column for several consecutive years and being accorded hall of fame awardee by the Catholic Mass Media Awards. Francis has also been recognized with numerous awards, including the Anvil Award for Excellence and the Gold Quill Award for Best Public Speech.

francis kong

With a successful background in manufacturing and retail, he founded a well-known garment brand and managed the marketing and operations of an Italian fashion brand. Francis is also a personal coach and adviser to many of the country’s top business corporations and has mentored some of the top business leaders in the Philippines. 

He has authored 19 books and is considered an expert in leadership development, entrepreneurship, personal development, practical money management, and more. Francis is truly an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders in the Philippines.

Source: Francis Kong

2. Anthony Pangilinan

Anthony Pangilinan is a highly accomplished and multi-talented individual who has significantly impacted various fields. He is the founder of The Anthony Pangilinan Group, which aims to promote positive change through various programs and initiatives, including management development, media engagements, and advocacy projects.

anthony pangilinan

Source: Anthony Pangilinan


As the host of the podcast, The Daily Disturbance, Anthony inspires listeners to embrace change and achieve a better life. He believes that even amidst chaos and uncertainty, positive change is possible and necessary, and encourages his audience to embrace a disturbance in their lives as a catalyst for transformation.

Anthony is also the Chairman and Chief Disturber of BusinessWorksInc., a leading training and consulting company that helps businesses and organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals. With over 25 years of experience as a trainer and trainer of trainers, Anthony is an expert in helping individuals and organizations develop the skills and mindset needed for success.

In addition to his work in the business world, Anthony is also the President of Called to Rescue Philippines, an organization that helps rescue children victims of abuse and exploitation. He is committed to using his skills and influence to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

Anthony has pursued advanced education, including an Executive MBA from INSEAD Business School in France and Tsinghua University in Beijing, as well as an Executive Master in Change from INSEAD Business School in Singapore. He is completing his PhD in Communications at the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

As a testament to his physical endurance, Anthony has completed all six World Marathon Majors, a remarkable achievement requiring marathons in Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City.

Overall, Anthony Pangilinan is an inspiring and accomplished individual who has dedicated his life to promoting positive change in both business and society.

3. Boris Joaquin

Meet Boris Joaquin, a highly accomplished management and marketing professional with over two decades of experience in local and international industries. He is currently the President and Chief Equipping Officer of Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc. and the founder of the Project Purpose Team, Inc. 

boris joaquin

Source: Boris Joaquin


He is also a corporate educator under the Duke CE Global Educators Network (UK), an accredited facilitator for the Student Self Leadership by the Blanchard Institute, a certified DISC® practitioner, a Chartered Professional in Human Resources CPHR®, and a registered Investors in People (UK) specialist.

Boris is considered one of the top-ranked corporate trainers on leadership and other people skills in the country. He has served organizations in the Philippines, Asia, and the Middle East as a corporate trainer, management consultant, and executive coach. 

His expertise includes assessments and consulting services to help organizations improve their people management processes, learning events and workshops on strategic management and leadership, and executive coaching for executives and managers who want to grow in their organizational leadership and management.

Aside from his extensive experience in management and leadership, Boris is also a notable columnist and contributing writer for various publications such as Rappler, The Philippine Star, Inquirer Libre, and OneNewsPH. He previously served as an anchor for the career and lifestyle section of Rappler Talk and Top Brass for 

Currently, he hosts a livestream show on The Philippine Star called “Breakthrough with Boris Joaquin”. Additionally, Boris has authored two well-received books, Practical Wisdom to be Happy at Work, and Project Purpose: Find Your Why to Find Your Way.

Boris’s work as a corporate educator has been recognized with the 2020 Gawad Sulo Award, which is only given to a select few who have significantly contributed to the field of education. 

With expertise in strategic planning, innovation, executive and performance coaching, leadership development, strategy facilitation, change management, organization design and development, learning design and development, business development, sales and marketing management, and product development, Boris Joaquin is a true expert in his field.


4. Lloyd Luna

Lloyd Luna is a highly respected Filipino professional speaker, entrepreneur, and Registered Speaking Professional (RSP) with over 16 years of experience in the industry. He is a renowned expert in leadership, transformation, and management, having written 17 books on motivation, productivity, and leadership. Lloyd’s career and personal development columns have been published in The Manila Times since 2006.

lloyd luna

Source: Lloyd Luna


Lloyd has spoken at over 1,500 conventions, conferences, and seminars in the Philippines and in seven other countries, delivering inspiring keynote speeches and conducting 1-2 day workshops for C-level executives, management, rank-and-file, millennials, and youth in corporate, government, and school settings. His speaking style is known for its inspirational storytelling and light clean humor.

Lloyd has appeared on several television and radio programs, including CNN Philippines, ABS-CBN, ANC, TFC, GMA7, GMA NewsTV, PTV, Net25, UNTV, DZMM, DZRH, DZRJ, and DZXL. His newspaper and magazine features have been published in Manila Bulletin, The Manila Times, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pilipino Star, and Business World.

Lloyd is also the founder and president of LLOYDLUNA Communications, Umbrella Motivational Speakers, and The Public Speaking InstituteTM, the exclusive issuer of the Certified Public SpeakerTM designation. He is the first Filipino to be a member of the Global Speakers Federation, the first to have spoken in French and European Speakers Convention in Paris, and the first to earn the Registered Speaking Professional designation in the Philippines. He is also the founder of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers.

In 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted his successful professional speaking career, Lloyd enlisted as a sergeant in the Philippine Air Force Reserve Command and founded The New Channel (TNC) Media Corp., an innovative livestream platform on the Internet. The platform brings together a wide array of business and lifestyle shows hosted by independent personalities.

Lloyd’s latest book, Transform or Perish: How To Intentionally Change Yourself To Deal With Overwhelming Disruption, was published in January 2021. In this book, he shares his personal travails wrought by the pandemic as the primary basis for coming up with what he calls an Intentional Transformation Framework for turning crises into opportunities. 

His book Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership, teaches the philosophy of putting people at the center of leadership and is now offered in the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business Center for Continuing Education.

At age 37, Lloyd was conferred the Quezon Medal of Honor, the highest recognition given by the provincial government of Quezon to its distinguished civilian achievers. He is married to the former Lilibeth Pujeda, and they have a daughter Sky, 6, and newborn son Rain Kylo.


5. Venchito Tampon

Introducing Venchito Tampon – a rising star in the Philippines as a motivational speaker, marketing consultant, author, and mentor, with a passion for productivity, personal development, and digital marketing.

dzmm sakto

As an entrepreneur, Venchito founded SharpRocket, a leading digital marketing agency that has served a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies. He is renowned for his expertise in search engine optimization and social media advertising campaigns, helping startups increase their online revenue tenfold. He is also the founder and business developer of Hills & Valleys Cafe, a successful coffee shop in Bulacan, known for its premium quality yet affordable coffee and friendly customer service.

As a global speaker, Venchito has spoken at over 300 conventions, conferences, and seminars, representing the Philippines at the Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore, where he spoke alongside representatives from leading brands such as Airbnb, Microsoft, and He has addressed audiences of global companies, key managers of Philippine government agencies, and students and faculty of various schools in Asian countries. 

Additionally, Venchito has authored “Career Crossover,” a book that offers guidance for professionals and businesspeople to navigate today’s rapidly changing job market.

As a marketing consultant, Venchito is a go-to resource for digital agencies, eCommerce business owners, and enterprise marketing executives in the US, Canada, and Australia, with a focus on lead generation and marketing needs. 

He also mentors over 80,000 followers across social media platforms, offering inspiration and actionable tips for productivity, personal growth, and professional life.

With his extensive background and wealth of knowledge, Venchito Tampon is a force to be reckoned with in the world of motivational speaking, marketing, and personal development, inspiring and empowering audiences across the globe.

Venchito Tampon is also a provider of corporate training programs in the Philippines. Their training programs are designed to transform individuals and organizations, not just motivate them. Venchito Tampon recognizes the investment made by companies in their people and strives to provide programs that deliver value for that investment.

One of their signature programs, Rainmaker, is a comprehensive digital marketing training that teaches individuals how to establish themselves as market leaders. Participants will learn how to build a strong brand and create a loyal community that supports their growth.

The Simplify Productivity program is designed to provide individuals with the skills and techniques needed to increase productivity and achieve their goals. The program focuses on Clarity of Purpose, Control of Tasks, and Healthy Culture. Participants will learn how to prioritize effectively, create a positive and productive environment, and achieve their goals.

Career Crossover is another popular program that helps individuals navigate their career transitions and align their personal growth with market demand. Participants will learn how to identify and leverage their personal strengths and attributes to design a fulfilling career path.

The Choose to Win program is a comprehensive guide to help individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. The program covers 7 key areas: Calling, Clarity, Courage, Commitment, Consistency, Coachability, and Character.

Transcend the Ordinary is a program that helps individuals disrupt themselves by combining personal development, discovery, and discipline. The program focuses on bridging the gap between where individuals are and where they want to be, fostering innovation, specialization, and adaptability through continuous discovery and relentless discipline.

Lastly, the Modern-Day Leadership program is a comprehensive leadership training program that focuses on developing essential skills for leaders in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world. The program is built around 5 key pillars of effective leadership: Modeling, Connecting, Visioneering, Empowering, and Cultivating. It aims to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to lead effectively in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.


6. Al Ian Barcelona

Al Ian Barcelona is the President, “Chief Awesome Officer,” and Lead Trainer of AIB Training, a leadership and management training and consultancy firm based in the Philippines. AIB Training is committed to empowering people and organizations with LIFE Skills – Leadership and Management Transformation, Inspirational Influence-building, Focused Partnership for Development and Achievement of Targets, and Enhanced Team Dynamics and Communication.

ian barcelona

AIB Training has been collaborating with hundreds of public and private institutions in the Philippines and internationally since 2005, providing high-impact powertalks, seminars, and conventions, customized learning and development programs, in-depth mentorship and collaboration for strategic organizational objectives and public governance, creative gamified group activities for synergy, and overall design and execution of media and events.

Al Ian Barcelona is known as “Mr. Awesome” in the speaking, training, and consulting industry for his uniquely “enter-training,” high-impact, and holistic style of delivery. He is an alumnus of the Christian leadership Haggai Institute in Hawaii, USA, and a multi-awarded public servant, community leader, and university academician. He is also the author of “Awesome Thoughts for the Awesome L.I.F.E.” book and the host and producer of the “Awesome Life Show” on GMA and Light TV 33, where he was awarded the “Anak TV Seal.”

Ian is a founding member and officer of Business Network International Infinity Chapter as the Network Education Coordinator. He lives in Malolos, Bulacan, with his wife Madz and their children, Mori and Miro. In addition to his leadership and management training and consultancy work, Ian is also a team building facilitator in the Philippines, helping organizations enhance their teamwork, communication, and collaboration through creative and gamified group activities.

In conclusion, the presence of motivational speakers in the Philippines has become a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives. With the abundance of successful individuals who are willing to share their stories and offer guidance, Filipinos can find inspiration and motivation to pursue their goals. 

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or someone seeking to overcome personal obstacles, the list of motivational speakers in the Philippines provides a diverse range of role models who can offer valuable insights and actionable advice. 

By tapping into these speakers’ wealth of knowledge and experience, you can unlock your potential and achieve your dreams.