When we think of failure, we often imagine a one-time big event in our lives that shames us, disappoints us, and of which we never want to remember.

But are these failures just sprout out from somewhere or are they accumulations of wrong decisions, wrong thinking, and wrong views of things? Are there any small diseases or negatives we haven’t handled properly that led to all sorts of failures?

Think about that for a second. Did you fail overnight or is there something in your life you’ve neglected before, and now you’re facing its consequences?

Merriam defines NEGLECT as failing to care for properly, or simply – ignore.

Neglect is a daily disease, if not cured, can lead to some major troubles in our lives. Why did I say that?

Neglect is not taking seriously of SMALL things in our lives. We are too often concerned about BIG happenings – the big picture, big goals, big achievements, and yet, we don’t care about small things – small acts, small to-dos, small encouragements.

When these small things aren’t taken care of, they dig up holes one by one, until our BIG thing is nowhere to be found.

So, how can you cure this disease of attitude called neglect?


There are things that may seemingly unimportant as of the moment, but they all do matter. Of course, one has to discern which of these small things matter to his or her life. One has to exercise his critical thinking skills.

However, after you ponder, if these small things are needed in your life, and they should be done immediately, don’t cheat yourself into the thinking that they don’t MATTER at all.

When that happens, you are in the business of excusing yourself for not doing.

This is not good, because the moment you remember them after a period of time, this NEGLECTED thing could be your REGRET.


The reason why we neglect is that we have this manyana habit, thinking that we still have lots of time.

The truth is…. we don’t have any.

Time is running so fast. It speeds up that we ended up being surprised we’re on Ber months again.

The moment you’re in a decision of whether to do something or not, remind yourself that you can never go back to that moment’s same day, time, and place. Time machine is unreal. Get over that.

Recently, I’ve posted a Facebook status update that gives a thought on moments of time:

“Being there” means soaking yourself into what’s happening. Observe, capture, and experience the moment.

Don’t let moments pass by. You don’t want a day full of “I should” moments.

Remember, time can be your “friend” or “enemy”. You choose.


The 1-minute you spend taking your vitamins, reading a book for 30 minutes a day, and practicing your presentation three (or 10 or 20 times) requires a decision and discipline.

I understand those small routines in your life are not easy. But when you do them consistently, the results compound, and you never know what these small things have affected the way you think, you say, and you behave.

Remember successful people do what unsuccessful don’t even try do – and that includes doing things no matter what.