The recent survey shows that one of the main causes of stress is not being to manage heavy workload (which consists of 46% of the total percentage that causes stress).

Your company requires a constant flow of work usually coming from the demands of your customers or clients. It’s inevitable in most cases – that’s the reason why you landed on this page because you want to support your company needs and expectations with productive output from your employees.

You are looking for a speaker to discuss office productivity in a practical and motivational context that will allow your employees to maximize their working hours in the office.

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A few things Venchito Tampon, a corporate trainer can discuss in an office productivity workshop:

  • Busy VS Productive (personal assessment)
  • Time Management Assessment (where did your employees spend most of their time?)
  • Productivity Myths and How to Overcome Them
  • The Proper Way to Delegate (how to maximize your team members’ strengths for superb productivity)
  • Productivity Under Pressure and Procrastination
  • Getting Things Done Model: The Productivity System That Works
  • Work-life Hacks to Make Idle Times Productive
  • Scheduling Techniques for a Productive Professional Life
  • and many more…
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