Venchito is personal branding expert in the Philippines who helps many youth and young professionals create their own brand for themselves in the marketplace.

Using his corporate experience and expertise, Venchito can bring practical tips to his audience that are necessary in bringing them closer to a successful career.

Personal branding is a need for every member in the organization because:

  • It gives them an edge over their competitors when communicating to customers or clients – making the whole organization the best customer service company in its respective industry.
  • It helps them build the confidence that they need when facing top managers and executives of your organization and of other companies as well.
  • It teaches marketing students to become better sales professionals in the marketplace – giving them a competitive advantage over their co-workers.

What to Expect After the Personal Branding Workshop

  • Be motivated to excel in what they are doing by maximizing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses.
  • Learn new communication tips that they need when meeting new people in the workplace.
  • Build confidence in themselves, which allows them to easily connect to their customers, clients and organizational leaders.

This 2-hour personal branding workshop will cover two important subjects:

  • An Overview of Personal Branding and Its Importance in the Marketplace
  • The 3 Steps to a Remarkable Personal Branding

The workshop ends  by fulfilling the needs of the audience, which will be discussed in our meeting with your organizational leaders.

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