Venchito is a Certified Facilitator of Younique DISC Personality Development Program created by one of the best corporate trainers in the country – Jayson Lo. With the guidance and expertise transferred to him, Venchito has been able to adapt the Four Different Personalities to his growing team – the Dominant, Influential, Steady and Corrective.

The Younique DISC Program has changed countless lives of people all over the world, helping them discover their strengths and weaknesses which hugely impacts their respective organizations.

Venchito can discuss the Younique Personalities in a fun and exciting way while giving the audience information on the following subject areas:

  • Four DISC Personalities
  • Values of Personalities to a Team
  • Points of Conflicts
  • Motivational Styles

Of course, information isn’t enough without applying it straight to where it is needed.

Here are a few of so many things your organization, company or school can benefit from Younique Program :

  • Enable your team to avoid conflicts with each other by using their personalities’ differences as an advantage when communicating to their co-members.
  • Allow students to have an edge over other job applicants when they reached the marketplace.
  • Give knowledge and strategies to leaders on how they can manage and motivate their employees to produce effective results for the company.
  • Help sales professionals execute approaches that fit to personalities of their potential clients so they can easily connect, build trust and generate sales.

Your people is your best asset. Without them, you can’t run your organization smoothly.

But if you invest in them as early as now, you’ll see a growth you never expect to happen.

Want to teach Younique Personality DISC to your organization? Send me an email through the form below.