Transformational Speech From The Best Resource Speaker in the Philippines

Information + Engagement = Transformation
What does a good resource speaking engagement look like in real life?

Substance In Content

The best resource speaker in the Philippines that you should be looking for is an industry expert who can deliver a speech with substantial content based on their experiences and observations on other people's success.

Emotional Impact

Besides just information, you want a resource speaker that creates an emotional impact on your participants — so they will move to action once the seminar has ended.

Credibility In Mastering Craft

There are a lot of resource speakers in the Philippines, but one that can help achieve your seminar or event’s objectives is someone knowledgeable in chosen seminar topics. You need a resource speaker who can demonstrate expertise in a chosen field. A master of craft practices every single day. In years, it would be easy for him to deliver a presentation that's enriching to your organizational needs in training.

Connection In Industries

An excellent Filipino resource speaker knows how to network with other like-minded professionals (even other speakers). He is a learn-it-all person, not a know-it-all person.

Lifelong Learner

No single person knows everything. And that's why you want a resource speaker who keeps on learning from credible sources - books, and seminars to name a few learning resources.

Integrity and Humility

Integrity is being a whole person. A person who acts the same at home and in the office. No double standards. Hire a resource speaker who walks the talk and talks the walk.

You can find resource speakers on Google, but what makes Venchito unique among them?

A glimpse of what Venchito does on a day-to-day basis (aside from being a resource speaker).

Venchito Tampon is a digital marketing expert, international speaker, author, and certified facilitator based in the Philippines.

He is the founder of SharpRocket, a digital marketing company that serves clients ranging from small to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, both within the country and internationally.

Venchito and his team at SharpRocket offer marketing and consulting services to clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, using his extensive background to help startup brands increase their online revenue by 10 times through search engine optimization and social media advertising campaigns.

As a thought leader in the international marketing space, Venchito has been sought out for his expertise by leading publications like Inc. Asia, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Moz.

He is also a sought-after speaker, having represented the Philippines at the Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore, and having spoken at over 300 conventions, conferences, and seminars in the Philippines and in two other countries.

In addition to his work in digital marketing, Venchito is also the author of “Career Crossover”, a book designed to help professionals and businesspeople succeed in today’s rapidly changing job market. He is also a certified practitioner of the Emotional Intelligence program by GENOS International and a Certified Facilitator of YOUNIque DISC.

Venchito also serves as a mentor to many, sharing inspiration and actionable tips for Filipinos about productivity, personal growth, and professional life through his social media platforms.


Hire a resource speaker other people are learning from.

Whether at local media outlets or writing for leading international publications, the industry respects this speaker for his know-how.

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Jayson Lo
Author of Younique | Corporate Trainer

“Venchito is a next-gen entrepreneur and speaker who proves that millennials have the highest potential to change our country. His talks motivate young people to be more focused and purposeful to reach their maximum potential. And just like him, to turn their life around from a zero to a hero.”

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