Your sales team may need help in achieving sales quotas. Lack of leads, ineffective sales strategies, poor time management, toxic company culture – and one worst common enemy – lack of motivation. 

Whether you’re an HR professional, training and development personnel, or event organizer in the real estate, insurance, or direct-selling company, the fast-rising sales motivational speaker in the Philippines, Venchito Tampon, has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your sales goals. 

With a powerful blend of proven sales principles, engaging storytelling, and long-lasting motivation, our motivational speaker will leave your team feeling inspired, action-oriented, and ready to take their sales game to the next level. 

Whether you need a powerful keynote speech to ignite your team’s passion or a comprehensive training program to sharpen their skills and unleash their potential, our Filipino sales motivational speaker will help you meet your tangible outcomes.

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When is it time to get a sales motivational speaker?

The timing should be correct. Either you’re too early to too late to dominate your industry. Here are some points to consider as to when you should get a sales motivational speaker for your company:

Sales team struggling to meet your sales targets

This is why real estate, insurance, and direct selling companies hire a sales motivational speaker. If your team needs to consistently catch up to their targets, you need to bring in a sales motivational speaker to help them identify hindrances and overcome any obstacles standing in their way.

Low morale or lack of motivation

A significant barrier to sales success is low morale and lack of motivation. A Filipino sales motivational speaker can help reignite the fire and give them the tools and strategies they need to succeed.

Need to boost sales quickly

This is a norm for big corporations in real estate and insurance industry. Having someone to inspire your big sales team so they can boost sales numbers quickly is essential to success. A sales motivational speaker can help turn things around.

Improvement in sales skills

Whether your team comprises entire newbies or senior salespeople, they can surely benefit from ongoing training and development on sales motivation. A sales motivational speaker in Manila can provide valuable insights and techniques to improve their sales skills. Hard and soft skills for sales can affect how they can close more deals.

New product or market launch

Uncertainty in the market may prevent your team from losing focus, missing targets, and derailing confidence. That’s where a sales motivational speaker comes in. He can give your team the knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem they need to succeed in unfamiliar territories associated with new product launches.

Sales Motivational Speaker: An Entrepreneur Who Did It Best

As you search for a sales motivational speaker for your team, you want to ensure that the speaker you choose has real-world experience and expertise in sales.

Many speakers claim to be experts in sales, but only a few have succeeded in this highly competitive field. You need a speaker with a proven track record of driving sales who can provide your team with actionable strategies and techniques to improve their performance.

In the Philippines, some talented sales entrepreneurs have built successful businesses and can provide world-class sales consultancy services to help your team gain a competitive edge.

Sales is a multifaceted discipline that requires a deep understanding of the market, customer behavior, and effective sales strategies. Choose a sales motivational speaker with the expertise and experience to help your team excel in this challenging field.

Serial Entrepreneur

Venchito holds multiple roles as the Co-founder and Director of two thriving companies: SharpRocket Digital Marketing and Hills & Valleys Cafe.

SharpRocket Digital Marketing boasts of being one of Asia’s top SEO (link building) companies. They have successfully assisted small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations in enhancing their growth via highly effective digital marketing campaigns.

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Hills & Valleys is a premium café located in Bulacan. It is renowned for its exceptional customer service and signature drinks like Frosted Hills™, which have become instant favorites among its patrons, contributing significantly to its success.

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What to Look for When Hiring a Sales Motivational Speaker in the Philippines?

If you want to get your money’s worth for your investment in hiring a Filipino sales motivational speaker, let this be a quick guide to some of your considerations:

Relevant Experience

Never hire a speaker with no proven track record of success in the sales industry. The speaker you should be looking for must offer real-world examples and insights. With their experience, which they can customize for the learning needs of your sales team, you’ll get enormous value from their motivational talk.

Engaging Presentation Skills

A sales motivational speaker should be able to captivate your audience through their engaging storytelling, interactive workshop activities, and compelling visuals. A speaker must be a good presenter, as well. You’ll see these skills once you hear them speak on stage.


Most sales motivational speakers have templates for every type of company. Find a speaker who can tailor their presentation to your sales organization's needs and objectives. They should share a customized speech.

Positive Attitude

Look for a sales motivational speaker who exudes positivity and energy on stage. He must not share toxic positivity, which is trending nowadays, but rather truths and practical principles your salespeople must people bring positivity to in their sales presentations. This brings an excellent reputation to the entire brand of your organization. 

Sales Motivational Speaker Philippines FAQs

A sales motivational speaker is an experienced sales professional who uses their knowledge, skills, and charisma to inspire salespeople and improve their sales performance. 

They deliver speeches to sales teams by providing them with the tools, strategies, and mindset they need to succeed in the competitive sales marketplace.

Companies hire motivational sales speakers to help their sales teams overcome obstacles that hinder them from achieving their sales targets. 

Sales motivational speakers have proven corporate training programs they have developed to assist their assistants with relevant and practical principles in life and professional areas. 

Sales is a challenging area of a business. A skilled, motivational speaker can help your sales team stay focused, inspired, and energized. 

Sales can be challenging and competitive, and having a skilled, motivational speaker can help salespeople stay focused, motivated, and energized.

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