The company increases its targets this year! And now you want your team to encourage and push your salespeople to fuel the drive as they approach the middle or last quarter of the year.

You are searching for a sales motivational speaker capable of teaching and inspiring your sales team to do the best they can. You are on the right page.


A speaker who walks the talk

There are a lot of speakers you can search online, but make sure you find and do some research on ones that have an extensive background in sales.

The best sales motivational speaker is the one who has made to the top and has been closing deals with either big local or international clients and businesses — someone who has more to share than just quoting tips from books and other reading materials.

I’d recommend that you ask for a profile or speaking portfolio from your potential speakers. This will help you assess what they have to offer and how they can fit your speaking needs.

A speaker who engages the crowd

No one wants to listen to a boring speaker. So make sure you find a sales motivational speaker who can quickly grab the attention of your audience. One who doesn’t just crack jokes, but can partake valuable lessons.

An excellent Filipino sales speaker is someone who can engage his audience with his talk from beginning to the end of his presentation.

A dynamic speaker

Salespeople can’t all come at once. Some companies organize several batches for their salespeople (3, 5 or even ten batches) depending on how large the size of their sales time.

With that, you need a Filipino sales speaker who is dynamic and flexible to speak to a group of 10, 50, 100 or thousands of salespeople.



Venchito Tampon is the Marketing and Sales Director and Co-Founder of SharpRocket, a leading digital marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization services. Based in Ortigas, his team of 18 members is serving to different types of companies in the U.S., U.K, Australia, Canada, and European countries.

He has delivered more than a hundred talks in his span of speaking career. He talked to directors, managers, and professionals of top leading brands in the country including Shell, SM Hypermarket, National Bookstore, Kumon, Career Executive Service Board, Bria Homes and many more.

sales motivational speaker philippines

Venchito is also a Certified Practitioner of Emotional intelligence program by GENOS Intelligence, a company that successfully trained global institutions like Walmart, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft.

He is also a Certified Facilitator of YOUnique DISC Personality Development Program developed by Mr. Jayson Lo, that has trained thousands of employees and staff locally in the Philippines. The program has exposed to companies like San Miguel Corporation, BPI, Jollibee Food Corporation, and Sun Life Financial.


Speaks from experience, heart, mind, and soul

Venchito went through many of the best challenges and obstacles in life. He has gone through from being the least in the rank up to the corporate ladder.

Your salespeople need to build their resilience and grit, exercise more faith and hard work and create a personal strategy that will keep their momentum of good performance.

Your sales audience can smell if the speaker is dishonest and insincere with his talk. Without any fool, they can easily see if the person knows what he is talking about.

A strong character is revealed when a speaker speaks. Is the content or presentation insightful? Is he an early bird even before all of your audience comes at the event venue? This speaks of the professionalism of the sales speaker you’d get for the event.

Speaks to elevate your salespeople with a proper mindset

The start of behavior lies in mindset. A changed mind can bring a change in attitude and a change of behavior. People will complain at some point, but a complaint is a result of not seeing the real and big picture. Sales targets may be ridiculous for them, and it may seem like their year is the most difficult one.

What your salespeople are to elevate their thinking. Having a change of mind can start the process of change.

You don’t want people to slacken but fired up their energy and drove to achieve more. To encourage and push your salespeople to fuel the drive as they approach the last stretch of the year.

When targets are out of sight, they have to see that they are on their way to reach those targets or even surpass them.

Speaks with a purpose

Many motivational speakers in the country are out there for a few bucks. Motivate, crack some jokes and get the money they want. They don’t speak with a purpose.

Venchito is a sales motivational speaker in the Philippines who speak to fulfill a purpose. Whatever the client needs for their salespeople to learn and understand, he crafts his presentation to suit the needs.

No fluff, no promotional ads, whatsoever. The presentation is targeted to educate and train the audience.

With a purpose in mind, a speaker can bring energy, excitement, and learning — all packed into one. It may not be entertaining as it is not your sales people wants from a conference, in the beginning; they need tools and strategies to bring them from point A to point B.

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