Level Up Your Inspiration and Build Momentum From A Sales Rally Speaker in the Philippines

Achieve that by having a proper mindset at the beginning.

The company increased its targets this year! And now you want your team to encourage and push your salespeople to fuel the drive as they approach the middle or last quarter of the year.

You are searching for a sales motivational speaker capable of teaching and inspiring your sales team to do the best they can. You are on the right page.

Success + Significance = Sales Motivation

You can have and do both. It takes a solid belief.
What do a good sales motivational speaking engagement look like in real life?

Motivation From Heart, Mind, and Soul

The best sales motivational speaker went through many of the best challenges and obstacles in life. He has gone through from being the least in the rank up to the corporate ladder. You want to hire a sales speaker who knows who has resiliency based on his experiences.

Sincerity In Sharing Content

Your salespeople need to build their resilience and grit, exercise more faith and hard work, and create a personal strategy to keep their momentum of good performance. Your sales audience can smell if the speaker is dishonest and insincere with his talk. Without any fool, they can easily see if the person knows what he is talking about.

Insightful Presentation

A strong character is revealed when a speaker speaks. Is the content or presentation insightful? Is he an early bird even before all of your audience comes to the event venue? This speaks of the professionalism of the sales motivational speaker you’d get for the event.

Elevate Salespeople With Proper Mindset

The start of behavior lies in mindset. A changed mind can bring a change in attitude and a change of behavior. People will complain at some point, but a complaint results from not seeing the real and big picture. Sales targets may be ridiculous for them, and it may seem like their year is the most difficult one.

Fulfillment Of Purpose

The best sales motivational speaker in the Philippines is someone who speaks to fulfill a purpose. Whatever the client needs for their salespeople to learn and understand, he crafts his presentation to suit the needs—no fluff, no promotional ads, whatsoever. Instead, the presentation is targeted to educate and train the audience.

Speaking As A Transportation

A Filipino motivational sales speaker can bring energy, excitement, and learning — all packed into one with a purpose in mind. Although, it may not be entertaining as it is not what your salespeople want from a conference. But what they need are tools and strategies to bring them from point A to point B.

No-Boring Engagement

No one wants to listen to a boring speaker. So make sure you find a sales motivational speaker who can quickly grab the attention of your audience—one who doesn’t just crack jokes but can partake invaluable lessons.

Walks The Talk

The best sales motivational speaker in the Philippines is the one who has made it to the top and has been closing deals with either big local or international clients and businesses — someone who has more to share than just quoting tips from books and other reading materials. I’d recommend that you ask for a profile or speaking portfolio from your potential speakers.

You can find Filipino sales motivational speakers on Google, but what makes Venchito unique among them?

A glimpse of what Venchito does on a day-to-day basis (aside from being a sales motivational speaker).

Venchito Tampon is a digital marketing expert, international speaker, author, and certified facilitator based in the Philippines.

He is the founder of SharpRocket, a digital marketing company that serves clients ranging from small to medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies, both within the country and internationally.

Venchito and his team at SharpRocket offer marketing and consulting services to clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, using his extensive background to help startup brands increase their online revenue by 10 times through search engine optimization and social media advertising campaigns.

As a thought leader in the international marketing space, Venchito has been sought out for his expertise by leading publications like Inc. Asia, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Moz.

He is also a sought-after speaker, having represented the Philippines at the Affiliate Summit Asia Pacific in Singapore, and having spoken at over 300 conventions, conferences, and seminars in the Philippines and in two other countries.

In addition to his work in digital marketing, Venchito is also the author of “Career Crossover”, a book designed to help professionals and businesspeople succeed in today’s rapidly changing job market.

He is also a certified practitioner of the Emotional Intelligence program by GENOS International and a Certified Facilitator of YOUNIque DISC.

Venchito also serves as a mentor to many, sharing inspiration and actionable tips for Filipinos about productivity, personal growth, and professional life through his social media platforms.


Hire a sales motivational speaker other people are learning from.

Whether at local media outlets or writing for leading international publications, the industry respects this speaker for his know-how.

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Jayson Lo
Author of Younique | Corporate Trainer

“Venchito is a next-gen entrepreneur and speaker who proves that millennials have the highest potential to change our country.

His talks motivate young people to be more focused and purposeful to reach their maximum potential. And just like him, to turn their life around from a zero to a hero.”

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Sales rally speakers typically cover a wide range of topics related to sales and personal development. Some common topics that they may cover include:

Motivation and goal setting: Sales rally speakers often give motivational speeches to help attendees set and achieve their sales goals.

Sales strategies and techniques: Sales rally speakers may share their own personal sales techniques and strategies, which can help attendees increase their own sales.

Leadership and team building: Sales rally speakers may discuss the importance of strong leadership skills and how to build and manage high-performing sales teams.

Personal development: Sales rally speakers may also cover personal development topics such as time management, effective communication and networking.

Industry-specific topics: Sales rally speakers may also cover topics that are specific to the industry of the attendees, such as digital marketing, customer service, and product knowledge.

A sales rally in the Philippines is an event where sales representatives and managers gather to discuss sales strategies, set goals, and motivate one another to achieve them.

The event typically includes motivational speeches, team-building exercises, training sessions, and networking opportunities.

The purpose of the sales rally is to provide a platform for sales team to come together, share ideas and experiences, and to boost morale and motivation for achieving the company’s sales goals.

Common goals for a sales rally in the Philippines include:

  1. Increasing sales revenue: One of the main goals of a sales rally is to boost sales and increase revenue for the company. This can be achieved by setting targets and goals for the sales team to reach.
  2. Reaching a certain number of new customers: Another goal of a sales rally is to acquire new customers, which can be achieved by providing sales representatives with strategies and tools to reach out to potential customers.
  3. Improving customer retention: Sales rallies are also an opportunity to discuss ways to improve customer retention and satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to increased sales.
  4. Product or service launch: Sales rallies are a platform for the company to introduce new products or services to the sales team and educate them about it, so they can effectively promote it to customers.
  5. Improving sales team performance: Sales rallies can also be used to identify areas of improvement for the sales team, and provide training and support to help them increase their performance.

The frequency of sales rallies in the Philippines can vary depending on the company and its sales goals.

Some companies may hold them quarterly, while others may hold them annually. It also depends on the company’s budget, resources and their sales team size.

Some companies may hold smaller, more frequent sales rallies for specific departments or regions, while others may hold one large rally for the entire company.

The frequency of these rallies may also change depending on the current sales performance and the company’s need for boosting the sales team’s morale and motivation.

Attendees at a sales rally in the Philippines typically include:

  1. Sales representatives: The main attendees of a sales rally are usually the sales representatives who are responsible for generating leads, closing deals and achieving sales targets.
  2. Sales managers: Sales managers are also typically in attendance to provide guidance and support to the sales team, as well as to review progress and set goals for the future.
  3. Other key members of the sales team: Depending on the company, other members of the sales team such as sales coordinators, sales supervisors, or sales analysts may also be in attendance.
  4. Management and senior leaders: The management and senior leaders of the company may also attend the sales rally to give a presentation or to be a part of the discussion, to provide insights and vision for the sales team.
  5. Guest speakers: Some companies may invite industry experts or motivational speakers to give presentations or lead workshops at the sales rally.

The attendees can vary depending on the company’s structure, size and the purpose of the rally.