As a business leader or HR professional, you understand the importance of developing and sustaining strong supervisors who can effectively lead their teams to success. The success of your organization lies in the success of your leaders.

With a supervisory training program, you bring your leadership teams into engaging and informative presentations where they will learn the skills and strategies necessary to lead their teams effectively.

Through his years of business experience and research, Venchito Tampon, CEO of SharpRocket Digital Marketing and Hills & Valleys Cafe, has crafted a unique approach to supervisory training and leadership development, incorporating values-oriented methodologies and real-world applications and practical insights.

Whether you’re looking to train new supervisors or level up the skills of your current team, our Modern-Day Leadership program is tailored to meet your needs. We offer customized training options so you can choose the duration, format, and length that works best for your organization.

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Supervisory Training Speaker Philippines: Why Do You Need It For Your Leadership Team?

Investing in training is an intelligent choice. But if you need more convincing, here are more reasons to start supervisory training in the Philippines:

Develop strong leaders

It’s one thing to create a team. It’s another story to use the strategies and tools that take the organization to new heights of leadership. Investing in a supervisory training spark can help build strong leaders who can inspire business results.

Improve work performance

That’s what supervisory training benefits you when you hire a Filipino leadership speaker. You get better equipped to identify areas where your employees need improvement and provide guidance. The better performance they have, the more positive impact on your organization.

Increase Employee Engagement

When your leaders are engaged, their team members are engaged too. Inspiration passes along down to their subordinates. This is why well-trained supervisors are more likely to drive their people to better communication, clearer goals, and greater feedback that helps increase employee engagement.

Reduce Turnover

Equipped leaders know how to engage and make their people stay with them. This leads to reducing burnout and turnover due to unhealthy or toxic cultures. A Filipino supervisory training speaker can help your leaders develop the emotional intelligence they need to support their staff members better. 

Supervisory Training Speaker Philippines: An Entrepreneur Who Did It Best

You’ll invest your resources in a supervisory training program. No doubt, you want to get your money’s worth. Part of ensuring that is to hire a leadership speaker with real-world experience and expertise in leadership.

Many speakers claim to be leadership gurus, but only a few possess real leadership experience in the marketplace. You need a Filipino speaker with business experience leading teams so they can provide your participants with actionable strategies and techniques to improve their work performance.

Some talented business leadership speakers in the Philippines have built successful startups and grown them with a good leadership mindset.

Leadership is a soft and hard skill requiring a deep understanding of multiple generations, constant learning improvement, and practical leadership tools. Choose a leadership speaker with the expertise and experience to accelerate your team in the challenging field.

Serial Entrepreneur

As the Co-founder and CEO of two successful companies, Venchito Tampon (Filipino motivational speaker) wears multiple hats in his professional life. He is a driving force behind SharpRocket Digital Marketing, one of Asia’s top SEO (link building) companies.

Under Venchito’s leadership, SharpRocket has helped numerous small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations achieve growth through highly effective digital marketing campaigns.

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Venchito is also a key player in the success of Hills & Valleys Cafe, a premium café located in Bulacan. The café is known for its exceptional customer service and signature drinks like Frosted Hills™, which have quickly become favorites among patrons.

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When is it time to get a supervisory training speaker?

You may now convince that hiring a supervisory training speaker is necessary for your team and organization. The only question is when. Here are some factors to consider to know when to hire a supervisory training speaker:

Poor Communication

If you see any misunderstandings or conflicts brought by communication breakdowns between supervisors and their teams, it may be time to seek help from a corporate training provider to improve your leaders’ communication skills.

High Employee Turnover

If you’re in HR, you may see a high employee turnover rate. This indicates that your supervisors may not lead their teams. Supervisory training helps your leaders develop their leadership skills.

Low Morale

Low morale can negatively impact your team’s productivity, quality of work, and satisfaction. Another reason for you to hire a corporate trainer to do supervisory training. This will provide you with tools to engage your team and inspire them to do their best work.

Plateau of Growth

Whether your organization grows or dies, this all boils down to systems and your leaders. The leading people must be growing as quickly as possible and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. If your organization has stagnated, it’s time to level up leadership skills through supervisory training.

What to Look for When Hiring a Supervisory Training Speaker in the Philippines?

Leadership training is an excellent investment for organizations. But if you’re the event organizer or HR personnel, you should be discerning in hiring the best supervisory training speaker. Here are some tips to help you in your consideration:

Leadership Expertise

The Filipino leadership speaker you should seek must have relevant leadership experience leading teams. He must deeply understand the latest adaptations to multi-generational leadership in coaching and corporate training.


Find a speaker who can customize their training program to meet your audience's and organization's needs. Once we identify your goals and objectives through training needs analysis, we can craft a supervisory training program that addresses your unique challenges and opportunities.

Communication Skills

Corporate training requires that a speaker must convey his message to his audience. Thus, having excellent communication skills can help engage your audience effectively. Look for a supervisory training speaker in the Philippines who can connect with the audience on a personal level.

Availability and Cost

You’ve set a budget for corporate training. This should match the professional fee for the speaker. Start by selecting a date and venue, and have someone look at different options for supervisory training.

Supervisory Training Speaker Philippines FAQs

The role of a supervisory training speaker is to deliver training programs that will help improve the leadership skills of aspiring and current supervisors and managers. 

The corporate training program aims to provide participants with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and tools to lead their teams toward the organization success effectively’s success.

Supervisory training speakers can cover various topics, including leadership, change management, success training, work attitude and values enhancement workshop, and other learning interventions like team building.

These topics will depend highly on the needs and objectives of the organization.

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