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Venchito Tampon partners with the most-respected team building facilitator in the Philippines, AIB Training.

Who is AIB Training?

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AIB Training is a dynamic leadership and management training company dedicated to providing exceptional support for individuals and organizations. Our focus is on fostering LIFE Skills – Leadership, Inspiration, Partnership, and Enhanced Team Dynamics – to create meaningful and lasting change.

For over 16 years, AIB Training has partnered with top-tier public and private institutions in the Philippines, including the Department of Health, PhilHealth, and Unilab, and internationally with organizations such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Western Union. Our innovative approach, combining experiential learning and signature programs, has made us a trusted partner in achieving success.

Join us for a team-building experience like no other. Our creative and gamified activities will bring your team together and foster collaboration, communication, and synergy.”

Who We Are As A Team Building Facilitator

AIB Training is a team building facilitator in the Philippines committed to uplifting our client’s interests through life-changing training and events. We believe that people are one of the company’s most important assets, and therefore empowering them with impact optimizes the organization’s growth.

Since its creation in 2005, we have trained thousands of people from both public and private organizations nationwide. Our unique High-Impact, Fun-Filled, and Values-Based approach to delivering team building and training programs makes it unforgettable. 

We've Driven Impact At Corporate Clients

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How to Choose The Best Team Building Facilitator in the Philippines

When choosing the best team building facilitator in the Philippines, you can consider factors to ensure you can find the best fit for the needs of your team.

Here are some actionable tips to help you with your decision-making:

Identify your team’s needs.

Before prospecting for potential team building facilitators for your company, it is best to know your goals and objectives for team building.

After all, it is what your prospective team building facilitator will ask you. Reflect on simple questions, such as:

What are the areas where your team could improve?
What are your team’s goals and objectives?
What major challenges do you face in teamwork, harmony, and work productivity?

By answering these questions, you’ll better assess what you really need for team building. This can also help you choose the facilitator who specializes in the type of team building you’re looking for and is relevant to your needs.

Determine experience and expertise.

Not all team building facilitators are credible to handle excellent team building programs. So, you better check their credibility, background, and expertise.

The best team building facilitator in the Philippines has a proven track record of success in handling government, corporate, and non-profit organizations. You can also check the background of each main facilitator to see if they can conduct team building programs.

Ask for proposal.

The best way to know the expertise of the team building facilitator is to ask for a proposal.

A typical facilitator with great experience will provide proposals that include their services, an overview of their program, schedule, name, background of facilitators, and any important details you need for a customized program.

Schedule an initial meeting.

You can understand the facilitator’s personality, style, and cadence more deeply when you talk to him. In addition, it will help you assess how he caters to you as the HR, event organizer, or person in charge of the team building program.

Through initial meetings, you can ask questions to clarify their company, their programs, and the value they can offer to you.

Consider the facilitator's approach.

Look for a facilitator who uses a holistic approach to team building. He should focus on more than one specific activity or work method but be able to customize the process as the team building runs.

See if they are a good fit.

Once you learn the facilitator’s style, personality, pricing, and value, it is time to decide which team building service provider you would like to hire for your company.

There is no hard rule here, as it will depend heavily on your preferences and needs.

By considering these factors, you should be able to find a team building facilitator in the Philippines who can help your team build stronger relationships and improve their performance.

Quick Guide to Team Building Philippines

Corporate training in the Philippines has become increasingly important as organizations strive to stay competitive and meet the demands of a rapidly changing business landscape.

One crucial aspect of corporate training is team building, which involves conducting learning sessions and activities among employees to achieve specific business objectives.

When working with a team building facilitator, they will first meet with your team or designated event organizer to discuss your organization’s goals, background, and employee needs.

This information will be used to create a customized team building program that aligns with your objectives.

The facilitator will then provide a proposal that includes an outline of activities, credentials of other facilitators, and pricing for their team building packages.

This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect from the team building sessions.

It is important to work with a team building facilitator who understands your organization’s objectives and is committed to creating a transformative event for your employees.

This can include building trust among teams, improving work performance, solving team challenges, finding new possibilities for employees, or empowering them to solve their own problems.

Overall, corporate training and team building in the Philippines are essential for organizations to stay competitive and meet the ever-changing demands of the business landscape.

A team building facilitator can help your organization achieve its goals by providing customized and effective team building sessions.

Among many things a team building facilitator must do, they should meet these expectations:

  • Align his team building sessions with your overall objective as a client
  • Work with you to understand your participants’ needs and manage challenges and conflicts as you go through the team building proper.
  • Provide a team building proposal to help you understand and assess the value of their services.
  • Energize and mobilize your employees to a new level of power and change.
  • Provide time for reflection of lessons among participants during team building.
  • Acknowledge the diversity of opinions, religion, and background of participants.
  • Execute group dynamics among participants by providing high-level team building activities.

These are basic requirements that you must expect a team building facilitator will do in exchange for your investment for his services.

You know you hired the best team building facilitator if he hits your objectives as a client.

Whether it’s for team bonding, team alignment, or team building itself, your facilitator should do his best to align every activity to the desired objective.

It’s a partnership.

As an HR person or event organizer, you want to have the best partnership with your service provider.

The cost of team building in the Philippines ranges from 5,000PHP to 500,000PHP.

  • Team building companies charges differently. It depends upon the following things:
  • Number of participants
  • Your objective as a client
  • The bulk of work and resources needed
  • Event place (indoor or outdoor)

If you’re looking for an estimated cost in team building, you can reach out to training companies so they can send you a proposal that includes the pricing of their team building services.

Definitely! Based on the study conducted by Small Group Research, team building helps improve team outcomes.

Team building has a positive effect on the process and affective outcomes of organizations. It aids with the goal-setting and role-clarification components of teams of all sizes.

Team building requirements depend on what option you’ll choose: do it in-house (do-it-yourself) or outsource the work to a team building service provider.

The first option requires that you develop a solid team building plan and proposal for your team (or organization). The challenges when preparing for team building activities largely depend on the number of participants. The higher the number, of course, the more time you need for preparation.

For do-it-yourself team building, you can search for any available team building activities available on the Internet. However, you’ll have to check if what you found applies to your team building objectives and organization.

Another consideration when preparing for a DIY team building activity is getting buy-in from the management. You have to prepare to answer questions about the details of your event — what, when, where, why, and how questions. These will give you and them the confidence to push through your team building sessions.

Any hesitation from the deciding team would later affect your team building events. So make sure to get the management to understand and support you (or your team) fully.

If you prefer to hire a team building service provider, you would still have to prepare some questions to get the most out of your meetings with them. You want to know what’s in it that they have to offer to your organization.

As they give you proposals, you want to ensure that your best pick will provide the best team building performance.

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