the invisible process

What you see on the surface does not tell you the entire happening. What is visible to you is not the complete story. It may be a huge part, but it does not give you the whole picture.

An almost-perfect performance on stage, a rag to riches story of a young businessman, great preaching, a sudden-viral video testimonial – all of these are the visible events.

But have you asked in one moment of your life, what is the invisible process behind all of their big events?

Because the great insight is found in what you don’t see and don’t know.

1. What they don’t do vs. what they do

I asked one of my mentees what she doesn’t do anymore since she became a Christian, I got a simple short answer: she doesn’t get mad quickly.

It’s that a good thing? How many Christians do you know who are still impatient for years when dealing with people?

Another example is one that I’ve had an encounter with our partner agency client in the U.S. I asked this very successful businessman on what he doesn’t do anymore — he told me he doesn’t watch movies with his family outside, they just rent local movies for free in their local library. What a frugal approach to life!

The moment you interview someone, don’t just ask what they do, try asking what they don’t do that everyone else around them does. You’ll be surprised at great insights you’ll discover.

2. Offstage vs. on stage

Preparation is different from performance. You see people perform on stage, but you don’t see them prepare off-stage.

There are a lot of off-stage activities that they do on a regular basis that help them propel to the success level they are now.

I usually ask people for their daily routines and habits (I have another post about routines).

But, routines are consistent activities you regularly do. They are not glamorous. People may often find them as overly dull.

However, those sets of routines enable successful people to produce incredible results (in compounding effects as years pass by).

Another question you can ask a significant and successful person is this, “What are your daily routines or habits?”. You’ll find that their actions are what 97% of people don’t do.

And next.

I liked off-stage or back-end people. They may not be in the spotlight and sometimes, they don’t get much credit as compared to people on-stage.

So, don’t just ask people on-stage, ask the staff who works behind the scenes. Their credibility and character are unseen and unknown – you can learn much from them.

3. What they post vs. what they don’t post online

Reality-wise, the entirety of a person’s life is not presented well in the mainstream (social or media).

With people living their lives to the fullest, they don’t have much time to post daily on their Instagram or Facebook My-Day Stories. They are busy making significant activities and memories with people.

In most cases, their best achievements are found nowhere online.

It is best to meet your desired mentors and leaders offline. Ask questions offline. Take them on dinner. Your 1-hour time spent with them off the social media scene is more significant learning experience than on your 4-hour combined chit-chats on social networks.

Have you desired to see and ask people about their invisible process? Comment your experiences below.