There are thousands of articles, videos and podcasts online that solely discuss about time management.

However, only a few professionals can immediately and carefully follow approaches to manage their time spent inside the office.

You are probably on this page looking for a time management training for your employees.

Allowing your employees to maximize their time to improve productivity, individual and team performance can help positively impact your department, team and business growth.

Venchito Tampon, a corporate trainer, can discuss clearly how to improve productivity by managing your time well – whether it is spent within the offfice vicinities or on the field.

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Here are some of the things Venchito Tampon, a corporate trainer in the Philippines can discuss in a time management workshop for your organization:

  • Busy VS Productive (personal assessment)
  • Time Management Assessment (where did your employees spend most of their time?)
  • Productivity Myths and How to Overcome Them
  • The Proper Way to Delegate (how to maximize your team members’ strengths for superb productivity)
  • Productivity Under Pressure and Procrastination
  • Getting Things Done Model: The Productivity System That Works
  • Work-life Hacks to Make Idle Times Productive
  • Scheduling Techniques for a Productive Professional Life
  • and many more…
Don't wait until your employees get stressed with too much workload. Book Venchito to speak at your event and share about time management skills and strategies. You can use the form below to contact him.