Tribe Builder

A 10-Day Email Course to Getting Your First 1000 Raving Followers, Inspiring More People With Your Message and Have Them Rally Around Your Mission


What is Tribe Building?

Tribe building is creating a following of people to connect with one another, connect to a leader, and connect to an idea.

Popularized by marketing guru, Seth Godin, tribe building is building a community around your passion and your message.

This is more than just getting your followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can properly learn how to do the latter for free on Google.

There is a huge difference between getting 1000 random followers and actually building a following that cares about your mission.

What If Your Message Has The Ability To Change Someone's Life?

What if it could help change someone's health, repair their marriage, or grow their business?

  • Tribe building will help you find your unique message (even if you have zero talent or no experience)
  • Tribe building will teach you how to create content that engages your audience without being pushy or manipulative
  • Tribe building will show you steps to get you started right away with your social accounts even if you're not a technical know-how

From an introverted computer geek to becoming an international speaker: Venchito Tampon


Dear Aspiring Influencer & Friend,

I’m going to get right to the heart and soul of this.. … and expose the authentic ‘YOU’ worth following (that’s ironic of what most ‘social media influencers’ would do).

From my 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing industry, helping Fortune 500 and small-to-medium scale businesses build their tribes of customers, and being able to speak to two international events in Singapore and Europe, I’m going to show you what it takes to build a tribe worth following.

Inside This FREE EMAIL COURSE, Here are Some of the Secrets That Will Be Revealed...

  • Discover this TRUTH so that you can share your journey and inspire everyone even if you're an introvert (Day 1)
  • The TWO THINGS you need to incorporate in your message that differentiates the top 1% from everyone else (Day 2)
  • The TWO QUESTIONS to ask so that you can attract your audience to join your tribe without being sleazy or manipulative (Day 3)
  • The #1 REASON why you're not taking action and how to overcome any excuses with this  SIMPLE strategy (Day 4)
  • The ONE thing that get me started with my social account (Day 5)
  • How to use "CONTENT HACKING" to get you unlimited ideas without worrying about your next content (Day 6)
  •  The difference between an expert and an ordinary person that gets massive following when they give advice (Day 7)
  • —  Using the "Difference-Maker Statement" to inspire more people, gather more tribe-members and leave a legacy (Day 8)
  •  The 3 simple tools to help you create content even if you're not a graphic designer, and a marketer (Day 9)
  • The ultra-simple way to get results for yourself (Day 10)

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