The recent Gallup survey report states that only 29% of millennials are engage, which means that they are emotionally and behaviorally connected to their job and to the company. Another 16% of them are actively disengaged and majority (55%) are not engaged at all.

If your company is composed of 60 to 90% millennial workforce, you may experience high turnover rate and behavioural issues among employees.

Gallup International says so that millennials are:

  • On the lookout for new jobs
  • Looking for performance management that requires a constant focus on feedback
  • the most wired generation
  • Least likely to say religion is important to them
  • Most likely to identify as politically independent and moderate

That being said, you’re looking for a seminar that talks about values formation seminar for your employees or someone who can facilitate a workshop for “work attitude and values enhancement program (WAVE).”

You want to have a workshop that caters to their behavioral issues as well as valuable contributions and goal setting aligned to your department and organizational goals as a whole.

Venchito Tampon, a corporate speaker in Manila, has an excellent outline to address your needs.

Work Attitude And Values Enhancement Seminar For Employees

Session 1: Work 

    • Knowing Your Why: What Drives You? 
    • What Does Work-Life Balance Truly Means?
    • Alignment of Individual and Team Goals

Session 2: Attitude

    • Setting The Right Attitude in the Workplace 
    • Fixing Wrong Millennial Attitudes (Insights from a Millennial) 
    • The Peril in Comparing Yourself to Others 
    • Focus

Session 3: Managing Workplace Relationships

    • Discover DISC personality style (Dominant, Influential, Steady and Corrective)
    • Learning the art of managing workplace relationships
    • The DISC Personality Profiler

Session 4: Values 

  • Knowing Your Personal Core Values
  • Application in the Workplace  

Session 5: Excellence

  • Busy VS Productive
  • Hardwork VS Smartwork
  • Productivity Myths and How to Overcome Them 
  • Habit Formation
  • What Makes a Person Excellent?

Interested? Or you want a customized training outline for your employees? No problem. Contact us below to request for a training proposal.